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Honda CBR125R or Honda NSR150SP

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by lptra225, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,
    I am new in forum. I am living in Darwin,NT and i want to buy a motorbike for study and work but i can't decide between two model of motorbike? Can you give me some opinions?

    I am learner to ride so I want my motorbike will be easy to ride, save fuel, and able to use for a long time. That is.

    Thank you so much for your opinions!
  2. I don't know why it's between those two bikes but if it's for commuting to work I wouldn't want an NSR even though it's a better sport bike as two strokes aren't great for anything other than spirited riding. What about a CB250 or something like that?
  3. CBR125R. /thread
    CBR125R. A thousand times cheaper on fuel. What's your idea of "able to use for a long time"? NSR will see you through lots of experience levels if you're learning to fang it. CBR will do a good job as a commuter for a long time.
    Seriously the two bikes are totally different. The CBR is a commuter. The NSR, while it may be "rideable" as a commuter, will run into problems if it's used that way. What made you narrow it down to these two bikes? Are you a Honda fanboy? Tell us more about yourself and your riding goals... like if you intend to be riding up in the twisties, how far the trip to work is (and if it involves long-ass motorways and whatnot), etc.
    You're welcome. :)
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  4. Because i find on the ebay, these two bikes' price are suitable for me to pay.

    - "able to use for a long time" means it can be lasting for a long time (sorry my English is not good)
    - because the prices of two bikes on ebay is suitable for me to pay.
    - Well, actually i prefer Ducati but it is not cheap. hehe
    - Until now, I just need a vehicle to go around the city, go to university, and workplace. Because i'm a student so my goals is cheap and cheap :D.
    - I'm Vietnamese, my appearance is not big (tall 170cm, weight 64Kg) . I also checked many motorbike and i found that I suitable for the motorbikes with 125cc or 150cc.

    Thank you so much. i think i will choose CBR125R as you comment
  5. Hey I'm (half) Vietnamese too. :)

    And haha that's all good, but do some more research first! Don't go rushing into it based on what one person says. I'll provide some more insight when I'm a little more sober and as such, a little more helpful!
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  6. uh oh. it's really surprise, Nice to meet one half Vietnamese :))
    thank you so much
  7. Hey how about megelli 250r??? I don't know too much about this brand.
  8. Where are you getting your info from? Megelli are a no-no. No matter what. :angel:
  9. I don't know what your commute will be like, but looks like you're after a sports looking bike, i just got my ninja 250r and it's perfect for a learner and looks great too. I also got it pretty cheap. From what I've read I'd try go for at least a 250 bike, unless you're commute is limited to city driving and you don't see a lot of highways/freeways.

    Just my opinion :)
  10. yeah yeah, i know it. I read an review of a member in this forum and he said megelli is very very bad. (I'm looking for a bike on gumtree and ebay)

    Thank you so much. On ebay they don't sell it. I just can spend maximum is Aus $3000 for buy and ship on ebay or $3000 for buy in the store in Darwin City but it's seem there aren't a good sport bike for that prices :(
  11. how about Hyosung gt 250r? i also offer one
  12. $3000? GPX250, hands down budday! Or a honda spada (version before the vtr). You won't find a sport bike that won't break on you that's lams approved and a lower capacity for less than $4k. A gpx is a sports tourer - it'll last you.
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  13. oh, okay, i see. thank you so much :)
  14. You might find a few cheap Kawasaki ZZR250's, good bikes!
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  15. Completely forgot about this one.

    Or a suzuki across 250! You can find all three of those cheap.

    ZZR, Across, GPX
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  16. Once I saw the mention of $3000, I KNEW you'd mention the GPX 250. Was gonna mention it myself but thought I'd see if the prophecy would be fulfilled... :angel:
  17. What can I say? :p It is what is known as the "Bees Knees"!
  18. Thank you for all of your opinions! Until now, i found someone sell 2006 hyosung gt250r with price $3000, should i buy it???
  19. From all the horror stories I've heard it's hard to trust a Hyo, even worse that it's on eBay and I'm going to assume you haven't inspected it either?
  20. Unless you know how to fix a bike or have the cash to fix it, I would choose something else.