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Honda CBR125R........ am i too fat ?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by RickH, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys....total newie here ...first posting. I am looking to get leasrners and looking about see Honda CBR125R looks nice and cheap for a quality new bike.
    I am 6 foot and 90kgs ....does this make me too fat to consider this bike. It will do highway commuting about 15 kms each way. Is this bike going to struggle ??

    Any suggestions on good bikes to consider for under $4000 would be great

  2. Yes it will very much struggle. I'm 85 and when I rode one... not a whole lot of fun!

    For under 4g you can find a good condition, low kms kawasaki gpx250, which will easily meet your requirements, unlike the cbr125r which is not suited to your type of commute or weight.
  3. short answer, it will probably struggle. i have a mate who has one of these, he weighs like less than 70 and reckons that he can push it to 120, redlining in 6th. i think 90kg might stretch it at highway speeds.

    For a sub 4k bike that can handle highway speeds for 90kg, u will need to look at a used bike. I am 80kg and looking at gpx250s, though most 250's with more than 1 cylinder should do the trick, just depends on what u want to spend.

  4. *walks in glaces and walks out again*

    Yeah not good for you bud. Find a nice 250 and enjoy riding.

    I was 106kg a month ago... now I'm 96kg lol. My goal is 80kg max! Then again I not only want to ride, but want to get into racing so it's a all or nothing effort here.

    If you can exercise and diet (it's cheap really, eat less, eat better, spend more time exercising than watching a movie or going out for dinner). But if you are around the weight you're meant to be you should definately look into bigger bikes.

    Good luck!
  5. Get to your ideal weight and then *still* don't get the CBR. [/2cents]
  6. True.... well, eat MORE!!! But make sure what you're eating more of is GOOD food. Eat lots of protein. Help boost your metabolism and lose weight in no time. If you're looking for something semi-healthy and quick to do the trick, reduce your carbs and fill up on protein. again this is SEMI-HEALTHY, not IDEAL lol

    enough of the PT talk though, I tested a 125 and I'm 95 (not so much fat though) and I found I could ride my push bike uphill faster than this thing could accelerate downhill. Waste of time testing it, waste of energy THINKING about it.... IMO anyway.

    I just picked myself up a CBR 250 RR yesterday. Not much experience as of yet but had a hell of a lotta fun yesterday :] I weight heavuier and i am 6 foot so I can say it coming from your perspective.... I guess!!

    As mentioned before the Kawa GPX250 would do the trick aswell so I've been told.... and slightly cheaper than the CBR I think

    I was going to buy the new Ninja 250 r model , luckily was talked out of it by guys on the forum. Would hate to buy a brand new bike and kick it on it's ass!! LOL

    Good luck and go 2nd hand IMO
  7. I honestly think the only people suited to that particular bike need to be 60kg max.
  8. wrong forum to ask this question..
    Anyway I'm 85keggs and hold 125kmph up pete's ridge on freeway fine..
    there is no-way this bike red lines 6th in stock set up and no chance it tops out at 120..thats just talking out the arse.

    honestly with your expectations and requirements I agree with the others, get a 80's looking gpx or zzr as you will not have to question weather its suitable.
  9. I am 100kg on an NSR150SP.

    I can get it up to 130km/hour no worries, haven't pushed harder then that and it handles fine for now.
  10. Real blokes don't ask if they are too fat.
  11. Yes too small for you'' my friend and not the best reputation , as before ZZR GPX or GS500f,

  12. im 85 and i consider my 250cc across to be the minimum engine size id get on. i used to weigh 110kg, so ive shed a lot of weight that would be really slowing me down on the bike.
  13. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=56606


    Ideal mate, buy a good cheapy and invest what you have left over for upgrade time.

    A good cheap secondhand bike will do just as good a job to learn to ride on and something new or near new. Then you won't be quite as upset WHEN you drop it - (cause you will, even if it's only in the driveway).

    Have fun
  14. I would say it is definately too small for you. However, I would not say that 90kgs at six feet is fat, just solid. Which means a larger bike would be a good idea.

    I suggest you go to a few dealerships and eyeball all the LAMS bikes. Sit on a few, ride a few, sit on a few more.

    Check out the Suzuki GS500F. This is a parallel twin 500cc LAMS bike that might be a good fit. The Kawazaki Ninja 250R might also be a decent fit. The new 2008 model is pretty nice looking.

    I ride a CBR250RR, but am only 5'10" and around 70kg.

    The main thing is to exhaust all possible avenues of investigation so that you come to the point where the choice is clear. Don't rush your first bike purchase unless you are sure.
  15. You might want to consider a traillie. It won't go any faster but you may find it more comfortable.
  16. Pick up a 250 Hornet; full-sized bike with a nice peppy 4-cylinder 250c engine. You'll hate the 125 within 2 days.
  17. I bought a CBR125 a week ago, and contrary to the opinion of several on the forum I have not found myself bored with it already. In fact, given that I ride almost exclusively in 60 zones I'm lucky if I make it into 4th gear! I weigh more than you and I find it has plenty of zip, and handles like a dream. For the kind of commuting I do I'd rather have agility than brute power, so it fits the bill perfectly.

    All that being said, you're taller than me, and I think that you might find the size of the bike to be an issue. Also, if you are doing highway speeds (80 - 100 kph) you'll be pushing it a bit harder than I am. I've seen footage on YouTube of people taking the CBR125 to 120 kph, but they may have been 50 kg and 5 " tall for all I know.

    One thing though, you'll get heaps of practice changing gears. Bigger bikes can be more forgiving when you find yourself a gear above or below where you should be riding, but with the CBR125 you might find yourself running up and down the gears a bit if you have any kind of traffic to contend with.
  18. Unless 90%+ of your riding is for city commuting dont bother with a CBR125. Go a 250 GPX/ZZR/CBR etc or another LAMS bike like a GS500 or an RVF400.
  19. i sat on one (im just over 6", nt sure by how much) and i was rather cramped, that mighta just been me though.
  20. I don't think it was just you enigma. I'm 5'6" or something like that, and I don't think I'd want to be any taller on the CBR125. I did see some videos of quite tall racers hooning about on the CBR125, but for everyday riding I think it would be a bit cramped if you were much taller than me.