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Honda CBR125r 2007 problems

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Charms, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. Hi im having problems with my blinkers the stay solid orange and dont blink what could be the problem? i checked the bulbs they are all fine.
    also some of my lights where the taco is isn't working anyone know how to fix this?
    also the high and low beam button gets stuck when i press it which is annoying

  2. Sounds like your bike needs some TLC. I'd borrow a friend clued onto bikes for a few hours and go over everything.
    ie lube the clutch/throttle/speedo cable, check the driveline, tyres etc

    1) Replace the flasher relay, its $2 online or ~$15 from supercheap.
    Shine a torch under the fairings and try to find the current one and see how many pins it has, normally it will be 2 or 3...simply swap it over

    Yea...the fail aswell
    Unless you can get your fingers under the dash to unscrew them you will need to unbolt the bash and swap them. Normally they are wedge bulbs, good time to swap them for LED's.
    Might also be worth spraying some contact cleaner in them as water can work its way into them.

    Dismantle it with the normally 2 screws on the back, spray with contact cleaner and reassemble.
    Normally grit just gets inside them.
  3. First things first........ Eat the taco. Don't try figuring it out on an empty stomach.
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  4. i am having a look at the moment proven difficult to do hahaha im new to bikes
    i dont know anyone bike savvy unfortunately
    know any where i could go in kogarah area that would help me out bike biz etc?
  5. Sydney City Motorcycles are on Princes Hwy Koharah. I don't recommend them, they are useless but they should be able to manage a flasher can without too much trouble.
  6. Start off by disconnecting and reconnecting all wires you can get access too. Sometimes contacts get grotty and need to be freed up. Buy some contact cleaner as well and spray the connections. But yeah sounds like a flasher relay not working correctly.
  7. Offer a case of beer for a fellow net rider to help u out for a few hours , beats paying an apprentice $120 an hour
  8. checked them they are all fine
  9. its bugging me dont want to ride while the bike isnt functioning properly. had a mate give me a number for a guy who fixes bike but he hasnt got free time at the moment.. :(
  10. i checked the blinkers contacts they keep staying solid been told its the flasher unit yet to find where that is on the bike.
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    Last edited: Jul 3, 2016
    looks like a 2 pin relay (pins at 90deg to each other), located behind rear left fairing

    can maybe give you a hand next Saturday if you can make it down south

    if you don't have a service manual, go here, and download this file.. should be the one "-HONDA-CBR-125-RW-(2007-03)-SERVICE MANUAL-ENG"

  12. which one is LED? left or right?
    if left, does the right side indicator flash?

    often, flasher relays rely on the current drawn by the bulbs to work (the relay is heat driven), and LED doesn't draw enough current to make the relay work.
    "electronic" relays use a timer rather than a heated strip, so will work for both bulb and LED

    if the LED is a bulb type replacement, change back to a normal bulb, and see if it works
    if that doesn7t work, then replacing flasher unit with something like this wil at least future proof if you want to change to all LED's
    RELAY FLASHER LED 2 PIN UNIV 12V | Jaycar Electronics
  13. its the left front blinker thats led its not bulb plug in unfortunately . nope they dont blink either side
  14. the LED blinker may have an appropriate resistor inside so it works with thermal flasher relay.. or not...

    if the indicators light up, the circuit works, and is most likely the flasher relay.
    if no Jaycar near you, Autobarn also has one that should work
    couldn't find one at supercheap that is not load sensitive

    you want 2 pin (pins at 90deg to each other)
    do NOT want "load sensitive" (mans that when a bulb blows, the flashing rate changes. not good when your left and ride side have different bulbs :p )
    your stock bulbs are 21W or 23W each which means two bulbs could be 46W = about 4 amps.
    that means the 10A Jaycar version will work, and the Autobarn 25A version is a bit overkill and a bit more expensive ($22 vs $15)
  15. hahaha i know seems dodgy with 2 different bulbs i bought it like that :/ but blinker were working back then. thanks heaps for the info!! much appreciated!! i will have a look at jaycar in hurstville tomorrow and see if they have it in