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Honda CBR125 Vs CBF250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Pen, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. New learner rider...

    and trying to decide on the two...

    I like the looks of the 125 much more than the 250

    but it seems that I will be easily bored with the 125? so ive been told?

    is the 125 not such a good buy?

    tbh, the price on the 125 is a lot more within budget than the 250... altho i can afford the 250...

    advice? opinions? please help!!
  2. Are you planning to upgrade? purchased new, i regard both as somewhat average bikes. Sure the 125 is injected, and stylish, but its tiny. How big are you?
  3. height: 175cm

    I assume thats what you are asking in terms on "big"...?

    I was planning to get a new 08 125R, $5k inc on roads... will prob haggle it down a bit more if possible...

    but just hear that 125 is pretty useless and that I should start off with a 250...

    Will want to upgrade to something more powerful once I get my fulls...
  4. Depends on you really....

    If you enjoy acceleration and want the safety of being able to get out of the way in a hurry, then I suggest that a 125 will not be sufficient.

    Otherwise go the 125......

    Personally I like the height and size of the 125, but went with a 250 as I had doubts about the power. Had previously owned a 125, so had a yard stick.

    Take some test rides. (if you can)
  5. Weights more of a factor really. Anyone around/over 6 foot will struggle to fit on most 250's also.
  6. both are cheap 3rd world junk being dumped on the Australian market (add the Yamaha scorpion to that list).

    Go the VTR250 if your budget goes that far, otherwise buy second hand.
  7. Also seems a little pricey.. They were throwing them out for around $3.5k with a cashback when I was looking about 1 1/2 years ago.
  8. Not considering it sells new in Thailand for half the price.

    The number being advertised second hand that have covered less than 1,000kms is a pretty clear indication that people do get bored with it very quickly - which makes the kms they did cover quite expensive when you consider how much they lose in depreciation in the process. They simply don't have enough power for anything but suburban streets with >80kph speed limits.

    CBF is slightly better, but is still going to struggle to overtake vehicles on single lane, 100kph roads (especially if you're heavy).
  9. ohh.... thx... thats some more I should think about...

    im approx 80kg

    surely someone will be able to tell me if the 125 will lift off well enough?

    and as to how fast it can go... 80km/hr is max for the learner and 90km/hr for P's.

    if the 125 can do the job... I might go for the cheaper alternative...

    just really not sure how big of a difference is the 250...

    does anyone know what the prices are for dealer delivery?

    ive checked that rego is only $103. SD is around $250 MAX

    an new 09 125r rrp is $5k

    new 08 125r $5k inc on roads...

    im hoping to haggle it down to at least $4.5k
  10. You want good acceleration at the limit for safety reasons. Definityly don't buy a bike that can only just do the speed you need.

    I believe the 125s top is just over 100. the acceleration between 80 and 110 would be "take a packed lunch" stuff.
  11. so you are suggesting the 250 instead, i take it?

    how about the hyosung gt250r?
  12. Biggest bucket of junk ever offloaded into this country :lol I know, I owned one. Do a searc on Hyosungs round this forum and you'll find a lotta hate.

    If your budget is stretching towards one of these then look at a 2nd hand VTR250. There are plenty around that look like new and are just about bulletproof. Plenty of power and torque while not being scary to ride as a newbie.

    I've also ridden the CBR125 and it's completely gutless. Good for pottering around backstreets, other than that..

    Hope this helps :)
  13. Sure if you can handle me giving you shit about it on every forum you post on. :rofl:

    They come stock with rust! I mean come on build quality! :LOL:
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  15. I guess im just totally clueless as to which bike is the better choice :?
  16. ^

    look above
  17. Seems that way ;) but that's why we're here :)
  18. My advice would be to avoid the 125, most gutless "sportsbike" ever made.

    My postie can almost keep up with them :)
    I'm counting the days to an upgrade, not long to go :D

    Just get a 250, tons better.