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Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird pillion comfort.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AusSteve, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I'm currently looking at getting off my Triumph Daytona 955i & getting onto something that the XYL can get on the back of. Also as a "mature" rider I am finding the Tona not quite so comfortable anymore. Can I please get some thoughts on pillion comfort on the back of the Super Blackbird?
    My XYL is of average build and 5'6" or 167 cms. in doggy height, as the primary reason for the potential changeover is so we can tour together her comfort is very important to my welfare & future happiness.

    All feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Steve
  2. I can't yet give you any helpful advice, but I am very interested in what your question turns up, because I'm in a similar position.

    The way I see it, there's about a dozen big bikes that are to some degree, pillion suitable, and I'd like to hear some feedback on all of them.
  3. Hey All,
    so my father in law has a Super Blackbird. He lives in Scotland but keeps the bike here as he visits for about three months a year and does a bit of touring. He is 6'3" and the mother in law is 5'3". They have covered nearly the entire east coast with a couple of inland runs as well. He has mounted the bike rack on the back for a bag and also uses a tank bag with a map window (old school). He likes the setup because it is quite streamlined, and even though the pillion seat is a little raised her helmet is still behind his. She can lean back a little on the rack - although for long days I think they strapped a sleeping bag or something to the rack for a little padding and comfort. One of the best things they did (and try not to laugh when you first read this) is made a belt with hand loops. Because she can't easily reach around him, they got some seat belt material from a climbing shop and he made a belt to fit his waist and then on either side is a hand loop and so she can sit back and still hold on comfortably.
    I pillioned once on the bike and as I am just as big as my F-I-L I had to sit as far forward to keep more weight on the front. Yes this was embarrassingly awkward. I have also been on the back of my brothers Ninja 750 and my Honda CB250 and the Blackbird is like a comfy old armchair in comparison. I'll talk to him tonight and post any further opinions tomorrow. Cheers
  4. i have never been on the back seat myself, but i have heard from numerous other halves that its a very comfortable bike to be on the back of. to the point where it determined a couple of peoples purchase decisions. in the pilot seat its very comfortable, not quite upright, but very easy to do long hauls on, as you would expect. the corbin makes it feel like a lounge chair.
  5. If you want to tour, adjust the preload on the rear, on whatever bike you ultimately get.

    There a number of suitable bikes, and the blackbird is a beauty!
    My partner and did so on a blackbird for several years and her comfort was never an issue.
    One thing you must have for 2 up touring is plenty of grunt, and the engine in the bird is granite-like. You could effectively cruise all day at at $1.60, and the bird is doodling along, still with a boatload of power and torque at your disposal. And of course, one up it's a missile.
    It's a hypersport bike, built for high speed long distance cruising, and just gets better the faster you go.

    The new v4 that Honda has just released would be my next choose especially since it has hard luggage panniers and top box. Something you are definitely going to need. You can get it for the bird as well as an aftermarket item.

    Just remember that these bikes prefer freeways an highways, secondary roads in poor condition and they can become big and heavy monsters.
    In reality, they belong on autobahns where they can criuse at 200 and be a perfectly stable platform while eating up the miles.

    I presume you are looking at the bird because of it's price range?
  6. I have a Blackbird that I use for long distance cruising with a pillion,
    Iron Butt stuff and mainly mountain twisties,

    I use a lambswool seat cover, The G/F uses an eggshell under the lambswool, she finds that comfortable, Due to her advancing years, 60 of them, I have to stop every 2 hours or so to let her walk around and then she is all right to go again,

    I also lowered the tail section 3 inches to stop the pillion sliding forward and crushing me, The pillion seat is now level,

    I also have risers fitted, Which are extremely comfortable, and allow me to throw the bike all over the road, which you cant do with clip ons, It also improves the handling of the bike, no end,

    I made a ventura type pack rack for it, but I angled it back so that the pillion can lean back against it without it digging into her back like the vertical ones do,

    I prefer her laying into my back as if she sits back against the rack, it gives the bike a wobbly feel, which I dont like,

    Have a close look at my avatar, you can see what it looks like,

    As for long distance cruising two up, The Bird is excellent,

    51,000 kays in 2.5 years, I dont commute on it, its a fun machine only, And as you can see, I do ride it, a lot,

    The motor is bullet proof, CCT every 30,000 kays or so, $50-00 and two bolts, it fixed,

    Very tight hair pins are the only thing I slow down for, the Bird has a long wheelbase,

    At speed it sits on the road like a brick, No float, weave, Pogo, nothing, pure missile mode,
    Straight as,

  7. Thanks everyone, great feedback. One partricular question the wife has is the footpeg height, do any of the pillions find them too high or causing leg cramping?
  8. My gf loved our blackbird, it was a great bike, no complaints at all. Mine had bar risers and heated grips.

    We took it for a 5,000km tour and it was great. Ventura rack and tank bag did the job well.

    Only things that would have been good is a seat cover and one of those throttle paddle/rest things.
  9. Hj there AusSteve. Great bike my friend I am also looking at its little brother CBF1000. In closing I suppose I'll see you Fri 0800 sharp... same place! PS say HELLO to future welfare and future happiness.
  10. My G/F is 5 foot five inches, She would like the pillion pegs a bit lower, Future mod,
    She gets cramps from the Draggin jeans and the leather pants, Mainly because she has put on a bit of weight, She says the peg height doesnt give her cramps,
    We have done, 2200 klms 1800 klms 1500 klms in 3 days, One days riding was 780 klms,
    Lilydale to Bombala via the Bonang,
    Between 400 and 700 kays are average days for us,
    I just stop every two hours or so to let her walk around and loosen up, Then she is right to go again,