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Honda CBR1000RR

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  1. Very Noice :)
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  2. Thank you!
  3. Yep - looker.
  4. Wow, fraking love those colors !!!

    Take care staring at that in the reflection of the shop windows whilst riding :cool:
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  5. Cheers!
  6. Yeah, the colours have grown on me! Wanted a black one but really happy with what I got, thank you!
  7. G'day KevKev, I bet you were happy to ride home after purchasing this motorcycle! I particularly like Honda's sport fairing design that seems to have similar iterations in both the CBR and VFR series. The orange looks really good against the grey and silver of the rest of the bike. (y)
  8. Hey mate! Thank you! Jumped on it first time thinking, 'I've ridden heaps of big bikes, I've got this', gave it a handful and went from zero to WTF faster than I could blink. Took a while for my brain to catch up! Knew right then I must have it. Been nothing but pure love since then!
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  9. nice ride you got there KevBKevB! damn, these orange bikes are popping up all over lol.
  10. Thank you! The nice thing is, it goes waaaaaaay better than it looks!
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  11. well I reckon it looks great so it must go like a m*therfker!!!
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