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HONDA CBR1000RR 07' $9900 ono

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Freethejellyfish, Mar 17, 2012.

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  1. HONDA CBR1000RR 07' PRICE DROPPED to $9000 ono

    BIKE HAS BEEN SOLD - And thankfully seems to be going to a good owner :)


    My riding days are temporarily on hold.


    Unfortunately due to business start up and lack of use my much loved 07' Blade is on the market.

    Rego until Nov 2012
    Religiously serviced every 3k
    Chain and sprockets in excellent condition
    Plenty of tread on tyres
    Stock air filters replaced with K&N washable things
    Brand new battery installed last month due to lack of use

    Due to a somewhat embarassing side stand incident the clutch housing has a minor scratch and fairing has a repaired 3cm crack. Upon inspecting bike buyer will see these are not noticeable.

    Bike has always been garaged and since purchased 2 years ago I've only pottered around CBD so mechanically in excellent condition. (I'm suddenly feeling very old)

    Ventura rack with the big arse bag has been fitted. I will also no longer need the rear/front stands so buyer can grab those too.

    I'm located in Northcote, feel free to PM or call on 0430 062 804. I'll be blissfully unemployed in 2 weeks so inspection during working hours can easily be arranged.

    She's beautiful, please take her to a good home.


    Thanks for looking!
  2. Price has dropped ladies and gents, too much dust is gathering on this fine piece of machinery!
  3. Really tidy bike, mate. Good luck with the sale.
  4. Thanks Smitizen, seems to be a tough market at the moment. Thankfully I'm in no huge rush to sell, might even find the time for a few last rides up to the hills =D
  5. hold onto it for another 5 months for me? :p
  6. Sorry Murchy! I got my first and only phone call regarding the bike a few days ago. She's being shipped up to QLD tomorrow! Good luck with the search for a new ride later on this year.

    Just thought I'd add, for anyone doing a thread search on motorcyle freight / shipping I've been quoted $795 fully insured door to door Melbourne - Townsville. I'll try and put a post up detailing my experience with the shipping company, I couldn't find much info on the forums so hopefully will help someone.
  7. I'd be very interested in that actually, always wondered how much it all costs.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.