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Honda CBR1000F Headlight replacement woes

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mjt57, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. Last weekend both globes blew their low beams. Today, having a few spare minutes I trotted down to Autobarn and picked up a pair of Narva Plus 50s ($19 each).

    The fun started when I found that I could not reach the globes without removing the fairing screen, the dash surround and the dash itself. I removed the globes and when trying to fit the new ones. I discovered that the slots for the tangs on the globe base didn't line up.


    I then had a read of the manual. It seems that Honda, in its infinite wisdom, makes OEM globes (or has someone make them) for at least this particular model Honda. The tangs are in a different location. Not only that, the OEMs are 40/35w. Standard H4s are 60/55w.

    You gotta wonder at the thought processes of fitting candles to bikes that can cruise at 200 km/h or more, don't you? (My old ZZR1100 was worse - it only had one globe in its headlight and was useless at highway speeds)

    Anyway, the only way that I could get the globes to fit properly was to cut off the tangs and sit the globes in the recess then put the retaining spring clip back in place. Then put it all back together.

    When it gets dark I'll take the beast for a run to see how the new lights perform. Hopefully they'll be significantly better than the old ones. If they're not, I guess that I'd have problems returning them for a refund or exchange after having modified them to fit the headlight.

    I wonder how many other bikes are fitted with unique OEM globes.

    What should've been a ten minute job took me nearly half an hour, not counting nutting out what to do to overcome the problems.

    Ah, the joys of working on faired motorcycles...
  2. LOL... so very tipical of Honda...

    There is a way to fit stock H4 globes... most CBR1000F's and other Hondas I have seen, have this done... simple...
  3. And that is....?
  4. Update: I just went for a spin. As expected the lights are out of focus or adjustment. If I wriggle the globes they can be moved around, but each one is out a fair bit and in different angles.

    There's a raised section at the bottom of the socket or opening where the globes slot in. I might cut out the appropriate bits of the base of the globe to make it sit flat. Other than that, I don't know what else to do to make the lights aim correctly, short of replacing them with OEM globes.

    As for the Narva Plus 50s, they're s'posed to be brighter. However, I can't see any difference to the original globes (non-OEM H4s).

    My quest for the perfect headlight setup, alas is not at an end. I don't think that I want to do what we used to do in the 80s - fit massive spotlights to it...
  5. you have almost answered your own question... file/cut the plastic in which the globes sit... just make new/wider slots for the H4 legs...
  6. I remember someone telling me that you can buy some sort of seat to allow you to put other globes in that have different tangs...it was so long ago and the brain isnt too good I cant remember anything else about it...

    I remember changing the globes a few times (and my blood pressure rising whilst doing so)...how I miss her :(


  7. Ah, yes, now that you mention it, I do recall something like that.

    How you been, anyway? Hope you're back to full fitness.

    Yeah, I can relate to that.

    With respect to the casting of the headlight where the globe slots in, I'd love to know how to modify it to suit standard H4 globes. It's recessed for starters, and mounting brackets, etc. would necessitate a major dismantling procedure.

    I'm going to cut slots in the base of the globes to make them fit properly, after having cut the tangs off. Last night's test ride showed the beams all over the place and not very well propagated at all.
  8. The recesses for the tangs are offset. They do not line up with conventional H4 globes. That's why I cut the tangs off the globes.

    As for filing or cutting the "plastic", on the CBR the material appears to be a cast metal of some kind, and in any case, in order to get at it I'd have to completely dismantle the fairing assembly to remove the headlight to get at it.

    Far easier to simply modify the globes to suit. Although Brokey's suggestion about headlight adapters would be the best bet.

    I'll see how I go with mod'ing the globes first.
  9. Hmm I can't seam to remember if they were cast metal or not... but yes the faring has to be dismanteled and than the new slots have to be ground with Dramel thing...
  10. You know i had the same problem on my KAWASAKI got the globes removed the rubber dust cover and spring clip then put in the globes and adjusted them with external adjuster knobs,Oh hang on thats not the same :p gotta love them HONDAS :grin:
  11. your goal is to have the filament in the same place within the reflector as the original H6? lamp. If it is not, a brighter lumen output lamp will not appear brighter because the light is not going where it should and might be blinding the people facing you.

    Have a browse around


    for the pictures on lamps (bases) and where the filament lies - if same position within the lamp as the original H6?, you can't use an adapter plate - you'll have to cut the housing or trim the new lamp tangs to suit.
  12. This was (probably still is) a popular topic on the VRF forums. Originally I was sceptical about cutting the two smaller tangs off and used to desolder the base ring off the OEM bulb and fit it to the (then) narva plus 30 globes. had to make a special jig to get all the alignments right.

    However after damaging the kitchen bench top with solder (missus then agreed to a shed for dad!) I tried just cutting the two smaller tangs off and it works just fine.

    I have also found the plus 30's and now plus 50's to be superior (light) to the OEMs. Try one of each in the headlight at the same time and it is even more obvious.

    One downside of the plus type globes is that they dont last as long.. I commute every day and a standard 55/60 lasts about 10 months but the plus series only about 5 - 6 months.
  13. I tried that too. I looked at the headlight base then cut off the tangs, one at a time. I had to cut all three off eventually to get it to fit.

    I'm about to have another play. Despite having an access panel under the fairing to get at the lights, I can't get my hamfisted fist up there without gauging it on sharp edges and have enough room to move around. The retaining clip looks like it was designed by one of those puzzle designers who test your spatial reasoning. That you can't see what you're doing makes it harder...

    I had a read of the manual last night. Its supplement lists 3 versions of headlights.

    60/55w x 2
    60/55w + 60w (for single low beam operation)

    The first one is for the US market, the second for EU and the third, the 40 watter version is for here.

    Again, how criminal is that, allowing 200 km/h plus touring bikes into a country beset with wandering wildlife and having candles for headlights?
  14. Getting there although slowly...have thrown away the walking stick but still have a limp (right leg is a lot shorter than the left these days) :?
    Still attending physio/hydro 2 times and week and riding my pushie around to try and build up my fitness and seeing a few therapists - brain is ratshit :p (am thankful I had a good lid on)