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Honda cbr1000?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by live4themoment, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. I am coming up close to time to upgrade and was having a look though the dealers today i was looking at the new Hondas 600cc and 1000cc. He said he could do a new 2007 Cbr1000 for $16,000 ride away. I know this is a lot cheaper then when they are the latest model but could it be found much cheaper elsewhere?

  2. In the USA, the ride-away price for most Japanese litre-bikes is typically around $11500 (Australian equivalent) before any dealer discounting is applied.

    Or did you mean specifically within Australia? :p
  3. That's a pretty good deal and cheaper then I got mine 16700 rideaway but I imagine with a new 08 model about to come out, they could be selling them cheaper then that.
  4. I was at hawksbury honda last week and they were discounting all new 07 bikes they had a couple of blackbirds for 1399k ride away brand new.
    Might be worth while ringing them :wink:
  5. you could get it cheaper second hand.
    but that's about the ONLY place you'll find it cheaper.
  6. +1 Stew.

    Otherwise, it's a good price and one rip-snorting motherf*ck of a bike.
  7. Considering the zx10r and new blade are out soon with the obligatory 2 month full price then $1.5k off retail rebate effect. You might want to hold out and get the latest for about 2k on-road extra.
    If your spending that much the difference between 16k-18k becomes somewhat academic.
  8. Yeah, If you're only going to have the bike a short term, then it might be worthwhile holding off for the new model given the small price difference.

    On the flip, depending on spec changes, it may also be worthwhile getting the newer model from a features/performance perspective also.

    Just my 5c.
  9. I believe Peter Stevens have a deal where they are $13,995 + on roads. I imagine that would make them only a bit over $15k! :shock:

    However if you are jumping from a 250, I'm not sure the Blade is the way to go. It's a hell of a big jump. It still has me in awe and I came off a VTR-1000.
  10. I know Western Motorcycles (out Penriff way) are selling '07 Fireblades for $15490 ride away.