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Honda CBR F2 owners...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by dastrix, May 3, 2009.

  1. Can someone tell me if this bike has storage, for a disc lock even and where it is? friends and I couldnt find it :( Only a lock for a pillion helmet.

    Further, how do you use the handlebar locks, i see the ignition has a lock function but blowed if I can get it to work :(

  2. Access the massive storage space *cough* you need to take off the left side sub fairing. Put your key in the plastic 1/4 turn screw then unclip the fairing.

    To lock the bar, you must first turn them all the way to the left. You then turn the key all the way to the left. You may need to push the key down to get it to turn all the way.

    This info is accurate for the F3, but I think it should still be correct for the F2.
  3. Im going downstairs to try this right now :) I was hoping you'd reply as you seem to be the F2/F3 man :D brb!
  4. Wooho located small cubby hole for bike lock, sweet!

    Blowed if I can lock the bars, bars ALL the way to left, key in, it sinks into the barrell but I cant get it around to the lock position :(

    Anything else I can try!?

    Where can I find the manual for these small things?
  5. Some graphite lube might help things. Whilst trying to depress and turn the key make sure you hold the bars as far left as possible. If it hasn't been used in ages the lock mechanism might be hard to engage.

    As per other thread I think the Haynes manual is a must buy - even if you don't do all your own servicing.
  6. i would say most bikes if not all road ones have handlebar/ignition lock [dont quote me on that im still hungover]. the handle bar needs to be turned to most extream left or right. maybe hold your bike more upright and turn the front wheel to the left, might get that extra bit of turn. try with the right although i wouldnt recommend parking with wheel to the right as it makes bike more unstable.

    edit: again have to push in the key and turn...[see i am hungover]
  7. Thanks, i cant get the bastard to work - taking it to Sydney City for the rear brake, ill get em to check the lock at the same time..