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Honda CBR 600RR

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by phedus, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. Re: Cbr 600rr

  2. Awesome dude.
  3. Cheers - I like it too!
  4. Looks great! Congrat's. :D
  5. jealous now...
  6. I want one!!!!! :(
  7. Very nice
  8. beeaauuutiful bike. had one for 2 1/2 years, several trackdays never got anywhere near her limits. can hammer the throttle at any rpm & lean angle and she will not bite.
  9. I'm a noob to bikes so forgive me but what's the gold thing on the tank, I took a quick look at the part guide (here) but I don't think it's in there?
  10. edit: ^^^ what he said. akaluke beat me to it :p
  11. =P~

    Steering dampener.
    edit: ^^ what they said... they both beat me to it :(
  12. its a penis massager - not what ^ they all said
  13. nice bike, make sure to take those ugly honda factory stickers off the tank ;)
  14. Nice bike mate
  15. nice looking bike mate,, njoy

  16. Lovely bike to ride and very forgiving. Used to have one just like it!
  17. Its a steering damper, absorbs sudden steering head movements, helps to stop tank slappers occuring, mostly found on sports bikes...

    Man, beat me too, there was no answer when I went to reply, only took me 1 minute to type that, odviously I am not quick enough..
  18. nice looking machine bud :)