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Honda CBR 600......your thoughts

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by fabo, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. I went to a Honda dealer last weekend and I was going to buy a new CBRR600...the one with the Movie Star Decals over it...but the salesman talked me out of it and told me as nice as possible it is a heap of shit and to that they sell 20 to 1 Suzukis 600s over the Hondas 600s.

    Can anyone with experience explain why???
  2. 1) The dealer makes an extra $500 per Suzuki sale.
    2) The distributor/dealer have bulk purchsed Suzukis and need to clear them.
    3) There is a shortage of Hondas.
    4) AFAIK Suzuki bring out a new model in 'odd' years compared to Honda: the Honda is perhaps an all-new bike whereas the Suzuki is in its second year of production.

    DEFINITELY buy the bike YOU want: the idea that there is a lemon in the 600 sports class is ludicrous.
  3. I don't have a new cbr600. I have a '99 model. I've had it for 7 years. Love it. Wouldn't know what to do/get if I lost it. Comfy, reliable, can boogie with the best of them and looks very horn.
    The new ones must be at least as good.

  4. sif suzuki is better than honda
    those things blow motors at the sniff of a wheelie

    600rr ftw!
  5. i use to often have a chat with the guy i brought my bike off and he is always saying how crap the honda's are and not to buy them. He wasnt just saying this as a sales rep, he was being honest.

    i think i heard somewhere, that even some of the race bikes werent using honda engines as they were crap, but dont quote me.
  6. honda - check
    CBR - check
    bulletproof -CHECK

    mate, i have owned an array of brands and i have found the hondas to be bullet-proof. next best for me was kwaka and then spewzuki.
    go the honda, i am sure the rep must be under some kind of pressure to move the spewzukis
  7. I spoke to a non-Honda affiliated workshop supervisor and he couldn't sing the praises of Hondas more loudly.

    I have had two Hondas(00' VTR250, '04 CBR600 F4i) and both have been brilliant. More likely he has sales figures to meet.

    I absolutely love the F4i and have no reservations about it whatsoever. Of course the F4i isn't being built after the '05 model so you will have to have an RR if you want one.
  8. the thing that got me as that there were at least 10 CBR 600s there and only 1 Suzuki.............so wouldnt it make sense to sell off the Hondas????
  9. what a total load of crap!

    10:1 sales? Hah, whatever else that salesman is, he's definitely a liar. I think the Honda and Suzuki are about par sales wise, might even be the Honda outselling the Suzuki. For me, anytime a salesperson says something as dumb as that, they've lost any credibility they have.

    As for the Honda engine not being used in their race bikes...The rules for Supersport and Superstock ensure that there is no truth in that. FFS, Karl Muggeridge was excluded from a race result (later overturned) because the rear axle bolt had different dimensions to the example used to homologate the model.

    Now for the comparison. I've only ridden the 600rr. It is awesome. It thinks things through for you. You want to turn, it turns. You want to brake. Damn, you've already stopped. It just does everything you want.

    The GSXR? Haven't ridden one, but there've been enough road tests of them to tell you that they're a great bike. They go well, stop well, handle fantastically. A great bike.

    Doesn't help? Well, I really don't think that anyone makes crap bikes anymore. Sometimes the only difference is whether you like the look of them. The seating position. The way it makes it's power. Sometimes you might have to chose based on colour. They all go harder, stop quicker and handle better than anything you can imagine.

    Whatever you do, don't buy from that dealer. They're an idiot.
  10. I know a courier who has just ticked over 220,000 on a CBR600 without any problems.
    Honda quality is well established and this dealer is a dickhead.
  11. Spot on!
    I bought the Suzi coz of the seating position and I liked the look. I am NEVER going to push the limits of any sports 600 so I got the one that felt good and looked good. You can throw a blanket over all the new 600's, get the one you like the best, and get it somewhere other than that dealer!
  12. the funniest thing i ever saw was the pillion seat on the k6. it looks like an after thought.
  13. Absolutely. Sales of CBR600s nationally are more than twice that of GSXR600s, although the R6 is actually the biggest selling 600 at the moment (only just ahead of the Honda).
  14. Was looking for a GSXR 600, after taking the Yami, Honda, Kwaka and Suzuki for a ride...found the CBR a better 'fit' all round.
    The difference in their performance is negligible for most riders, so go with what you're comfortable with.

    My advice, ride them all...it costs you nothing and will make your decision a whole lot easier!

    I have an 05' CBR RR and absolutely love it :grin:
  15. In lieu of a "Look! A crack head" or "Don't feed the trolls" smilie I'll go with :spam:
  16. fabo,

    triway has the answer sorted for you.

    Try them all (almost no difference in performance quality and reliability) and then buy the one you fall in love with based on ride sensation comfort and appearance. Make sure the suspension settings on the demo are set on factory standard to avoid pre-judging a bike as too soft or too hard because the shop wound things up or down for the last joy rider.

    As per everyone else's advice, I too suggest a dealer OTHER than the liar/fool you spoke too who was either too lazy to get up to speed with current 600 sales figures (R6 just ahead of CBRs, then the others) or was a lying dog to suit his budget.