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Honda CBR 600 RR Please Help!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by silver, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Dear all members can I have some information here I really need it. Just came home and found brand new Honda CBR600RR in the garage. My wife bought it for me for Valentines BUT I am on L!!! She didn't know that I can't drive it. I had bike overseas (Kawasaki 1100CC) and she heard me few times that I like Honda CBR 600RR so she just went and bought me one.
    I have a few questions here guys. Can I insure it? If I can I would leave it till I get my full licence. It would be in my garage. If I can insure it, who is the best/what is the best company to go for insurance?

    Thank you and excuse my english.

  2. 13 views and noone to say anything?
  3. Firstly your wife is wonderful to buy you such a gift.

    Secondly i am happy to take your bike for you and return it when you get your full licence.


    Now seriously. I think you can get theft insurance. So that means you save the cost of registration, greenslip.

    Get quotes but i think usually QBE insurance comes out as the lowest.

    Best of luck
  4. You should definitely be able to get theft insurance for it. Usually comes as a "3rd Party, Fire, and Theft" policy, which also covers you if the bike falls over on someone, or it gets destroyed by fire for whatever reason.

    Just be careful to read the fine print on the Theft policy. Some insurance companies only offer $5000 value for theft, so if some company is cheaper, that may be the reason why it's cheaper. Make sure you get agreed value theft coverage for the bike.

    One other thing. If you have an international licence and were licensed to ride large capacity bikes in your home country, then you may be able to apply for a full bike license here as a result, and so be able to ride your new bike. All depends on what your licence qualifications were in your original country.
  5. Haha "Oh no! There's a shiny powerful sportsbike in my garage! What am I going to do"

    I'm sorry you have found yourself in such an unfortunate situation :p

    How old are you? I know in NSW if you're over 30 you can do your Ps test and go straight to your full licence... Is it the same in Victoria?
  6. your wife got any sisters? :grin:
  7. Jesus,

    I'm wondering if you don't already know exactly how to sort this out.

    If I were in your situation I would post the exact same question for 2 reasons.

    1. Tell everyone how cool my new bike is.
    2. Tell everyone how cool my missus is.

    I'm happy for you and jealous all in one.

    Well done on both counts. :grin:

  8. We are all jealous! :twisted:
    :shock: :shock:
  9. :grin: Thank you guys for your replies. It's top bike but I've decided to return it and buy Ninja 250R at least I can ride it and then ater 12 months I'll buy CBR 600RR. I've decided to return it because I couldn't resist not to ride it.
    I've been reading forum for some time and noticed that Ninjas are in very high demand. Can someone tell me where can I buy it stright away without waiting weeks/months for a bike? Walk in the shop, pay money and ride it off. I called QBE and they gave me $460 quote for a Ninja 250R for a full insurance. Is this reasonable offer?

    Thanks guys.
  10. It's a very reasonable offer on the insurance for an L plater. You'd be doing well to find it cheaper, but look anyway cause if you do then QBE will beat that quote too.

    I take it the bike is still subject to a cooling off period that enables you to return it for a full refund??? If not, then you'll get nothing like it's value by selling it back to the dealer. If you can't return it, you might be best to keep it and buy a cheap 2nd hand bike for your restricted period.

    I have no idea if there's still a waiting list on the ninga 250. Last I heard you'd had Buckley's but the situation might have changed?... you might get a used one possibley?... Who knows? :)
  11. OMFG...

    when i read you first post ive gone "NO WAY" my wife thought there was something wrong... i explained to her what a lovely wife you have & @ some stage you both should meet :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    now your taking it back :cry: :? :shock: oooh well you have to do what suits you (i didnt tell my wife this part)
    mate all the best with wotever you buy.
  12. I'll stay with QBE, $460 for a full insurance. Sounded good to me but just wanted to check. Thanks Seany.
    Shaven, mate there is no point to look at the bike and not ride it for 12 months. I can ride it but cops, fines, insurance... I don't want to muck around I'd rather wait to get my full licence and then ride it with peace in my mind.
    I gave it to my friend to ride. He has a full licence and loves bikes but he's always broke to buy one :grin:
    Thanks guys for advices and infos.
  13. If you were(are) able to ride a Kwak1100 overseas, where's the problem??

    You will be fully licensed on a bike in victoria.

    Must admit I'm a bit suss about this whole thread......
  14. me 2 mate, cause all his posts had some ripper spelling mistakes, poor gramma and a few words missing, but his last post was perfect
  15. I would've just put 250 stickers on the CBR................ :wink:
  16. I never had a licence-full licence in my country but I rode kawasaki 1100 when I got here I went to VIC roads and they said that I have to go from the start and get my L then P then after that full licence. Anyway guys thanks for your infos and advices. Bike is going to my friend, on his name and insurance will be on his name. I'll buy ninja250R, insurance with QBE for $460. When I get full licence I'll just sell ninja and jump on honda.
    hawklord and goz, mates no need to stress out and suss about anything. I never lived in english speaking country before but I had english subject for 6-7 years in school. Thanks anyway for everything boys.
  17. I'll do you straight swap for my wifes ninja 250 for your cbr :grin:

    Can i borrow your wife too
  18. My god! you lucky SOB :LOL:

    You definetly dont have an Australian wife there.
  19. I'll just say one thing.........Silver'..protect your interests!!
    mates are mates but....make sure you at least sight that comp policy before you give him the keys to the CBR.........
    ....and if the rego and insurance is in HIS name...he owns it :roll:
    just where do you come in to it if he writes it off......could get complicated down the track.

  20. Registration is not proof of ownership, although it's hard to see otherwise. I'd at least pay a soliciter to write out a loan agreement and get him/her to sign it, and sight paid for Full comp insurance..