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Honda CBR 250 rr stolen

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by htlin, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Orite woke up this morning and my bike was gone...
    f**ken hellll..

    the rego is WUP-84
    exactly the same as pictured below
    it's a honda CBR250rr TRI-Colour (white with blue and red stripes on it)

    with left side fairing damage and mirrow damage

    keep an eye out for us please guys..
    was last seen in ultimo..
    my numbner is 0410512346
    please fone my self or the police.... thx

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  2. That really sucks :( Was it stolen from Ultimo? How was it parked? Street/carport/secure parking?
  3. Sorry to hear about that mate.

    Did you have insurance to cover theft??

    What area did it get stolen from?
  4. hi guys,
    was parked outside my gf's drive way at ultimo.
    no only had thirdparty insurance.
    fuken scumsss
  5. Farking ASSWIPES! :twisted:
    Good Luck mate, hope it's recovered soon.
  6. Will keep a weather eye out for it.
  7. I thought they just steal 'good and expensive' bikes .. not that a CBR 250 RR is a 'bad and cheap' bike but .. U can get one for $3 thousand if u look around .. so where is the point to steal it if u can go work for 2/3 months doing whatever and get u one .. it seems a bit strange to me .. If I would steal bikes I would go for the best ones .. if u put urself at risk do it for 'something' .. I'm also leaving my bike in the city :/ .. hope nothing like that will happen to me :/ ..

    I fell sorry for u, I know how u feel ..

    Maybe we should make a special spot to put adds like that ?!?!?!
  8. exactly, it's not that expensive. But some of us have worked hard for it.
    and just have someone come along and take it. i guess thats why it hurts so much
  9. Many are just stolen for joyrides - especially the cheaper easier to steal bikes. They steal them, trash the crap out of them and then generally dump them completely smashed up - not for the purpose of making $$$ out of them. Same reason people steal old cars.
  10. damn thieves, I really hope you get the bike back. Hope it hasnt been stripped for cheap parts.
  11. i hope all they did was take it for a joyride and not have strippped it
  12. Being FOUNDDDDDD in the side streets near by in Glebe..
    ignition barrel was broken..
    but recovered in one piece.

  13. i love a happy ending :)
  14. awesome to hear it was found - hope the engine is not thrashed!!
  15. not that you wouldn't thrash ur cbr250rr anyway :p

    good stuff finding it!
  16. Thats GREAT news!
  17. good one, be more careful next time. go buy a lottery ticket you never know it might be your lucky day.
  18. Forget the lottery ticket, he has already used up his luck.

    However, a disc lock might be a good investment.
  19. A grey import maybe. And to get one for $3K it would have to look worse than Loz's arse.

    The official Honda MPE imports were sold for $10,000

    Hardly a "cheap" bike.
  20. Parking it the way you did overnight in an open driveway is asking for trouble. Try and chain it to something next time. I know it won't stop some but it is at least a deterrent. Even better park it around the side out of view from the street.