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Honda CBR 250 RR Any Good for First Bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by joshuaisme, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Hei to the great wave of experienced riders!

    I have a question and would like to know if anyone with knowledge is able to help me out? :)

    I am a new rider (adelaide) who has their eye set on getting a second hand Honda CBR 250 RR (heard the R import parts are a pain to replace) for hopefully under 5k *fingers crossed*

    Is this a good idea? or would I be better off getting a Yamaha? in the same cc range? Are there any good reasons not to get this type of bike?

    I know that under 5k there will be problems with the bike at some stage but for a student 5k is the best I can do :)

    Any thoughts for a very keen rider would be great!


  2. if you want some serious detail, have a play with the search function on the site. its been gone over heaps here....

    basic jist of it is that all the 250 sports perform about the same. CBR, ZXR, FZR and GSXR are ll very similar in the 250 range and it all really comes down to finding what you feel comfiest on, what looks best, what your budget is like and availibility. the CBR-RR has better suspension and brakes but uses the same motor, parts are plentiful for both, you wont have any issues finding bits.

    $5k is plenty for a trouble free bike if you take your time and know what your doing. also, is the $5k for gear aswell? cos you'll need at least $1k for that.

    hit the search button and you'll have more info than your head can handle :wink:
  3. No.
  4. hey dude, im on my P's and the CBR250rr is my first bike.
    No problems with the bike so far, ive ridden a few of the other bikes (zzr, fzr) and i reckon the honda is the pick of the bunch. 8)

    easy to ride, enough "go" to get you through you restrictions, honda quality and reliability. 5K should be heaps!.....(they're are generally more expensive than other 250's but hold their value, so you should be able to sell it for close to what u bought it for!!) :D

    go test ride a few and see if you like it (i bet you will!! :LOL: )

    goodluck. 8)
  5. Insurance comes to mind foremost.
  6. I went for the CBR250RR and I am very happy with it. Just make sure you check the forum for a good checklist of what to look for and you'll be happy.
  7. Cheers for the comments!

    Its great to hear what you have to say. Quite helpful so thanks again!

    I have read through the forums a little regarding the CBR RR's and four the most part it sounds reasonable.

    Another quick question if you wouldn't mind.

    If I saw a CBR 250 RR for around 2500 - 2800 would it be advisable to purchase or should I be wary?

    I have read through quite a few of the 'new buyers' guides and have some idea but don't really know anyone in person to tag along and say yah or nah so should I be concerned if the price is below 5k?

    Cheers again.

  8. Price may be lower because it has been raced or wrecked or both :) There are a few other reasons a price may be lowered..
  9. I was just thinking, wouldnt it have been good if honda put the extra 2 r's in the name, in front of the 250 instead of after. Then you could just say "I ride a CB AARRRGGGHHH 250"

    My 2 cents :)
  10. I already go AARRRGGGHHH when CBR250RR riders go on and on about them ;-)
  11. i had a CBR250R, threw it down the road twice and i never had problems with parts. Its a good bike if ya wanna save a couple of bucks as the RR's cost more
  12. i bought my first bike a few years back and it was a cbr-rr, as mentioned before u'll need a bit of money aside for a decent jacket, gloves and helmet. A pair of boots, knee protectors and/or pants might also be necessary. I ended up getting my helmet and gloves with the bike from a dealer, but the rest, non-leather costed close to a grand...
  13. Insurance will always be an issue for a new rider.
  14. I just got my Ls, VTR250, full comp. insurance with RACV is $340 a year. Someone told me to expect almost double if I had a CBR
  15. RACV also have a pay by the month option which other companies don't offer! Only catch is b4 ya can claim you have to pay out the remaining balance of the full year! Bond costs around $20p.m.
  16. hey joshuaisme,
    from what ive herd the cbr250rr is an awesome bike, but i recomend a fzr250
    i picked one up for 2500 and its an great bike. but i think i was lucky for that price.

    good luck with ur bike
  17. Damn. My quote was $1300 + change. Sometimes being an under 25 year old male can be a pain :x
  18. Yeah my VTR250 was $320 a year to insure. NRMA wouldn't even insure a CBR250RR and AAMI wanted some obscene amount (like $700) or something. For me, I decided it wasn't worth the extra dollars considering I'll probably upgrade before the year is through anyway.
  19. Far out, insurance is nearly as much as a car.
    Since where on the topic of the CBR250RR, what is the best oil to use in them??

  20. hahah you think thats bad.. NRMA wanted $3500.. yes $3500 a year to full comp my CBR250rr

    and $270 to 3rd party it..

    thats more than half the value of the bike