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Honda CBR-150 *New Road-Racer*

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Dreamah-07, May 3, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    Hi Everyone,
    Some of you may have seen the New CBR-150 Road-Race bikes.
    From what I gather Honda are trying to replace, the Moriwaki 80

    From what ive seen they are a Great little Race Bike, And Already have a Pretty big CBR-150 class going in QLD, Saying this Honda’s “Plan†is to provide, a Class that is raced by all the Same spec bike (Honda CBR-150) As for the Price, Retail is about $7000 RRP But I think you can get one for abit over $6000 in Aus.

    I will be posting some specs Soon, And Throughing up any Info I get.

    Until them im just wondering if anyone in S.A would be Half keen at looking at one, As If We could get a Big of a group happening, We could have a class, At this Stage 3-4 Would get us a Class, But More the would obviously be Better.
    Even anyone looking at a 125GP bike Give us a Yell, As I know someone in the committee at Mallala, And If there is going to be a bit of a following of either one, Im definitely in….

    Anyone If anyone, Is curious or keen or what not, Give us a yell!!

    Here is a link to some Info Honda Put out http://www.hondamotorcycles.com.au/...Honda+Releases+All+New+Entry+Level+Road+Racer

    Cheers Blair... :grin:

  2. Couple more pics:



  3. Looks like Honda's serious bid for a replacement class of bikes for the 125gp's.

    I would have personally thought that a 200cc 4-stroke would make more sense, if only because that could lead to 400cc 4-strokes to replace the 250cc GP class, and that's something that I've love to see, as well as to be able to hopefully buy a modern incarnation of the wonderful 400cc 4-stroke category.
  4. What would these 150's be like compared to a 125GP bike? I would have thought the 125's would leave them for dead...
  5. Oh yea they would, But I spose Its also a maintenence Factor.
    But then again, This is probably more Aimed at replacing the Moriwaki, So RS maybe the next step from one of these..
    Dont know what sorta Power they are, ill post up some Specs when I get em ;)
  6. They do, the 150 is a kiddie bike.

    Just look at it...

    For comparison:


    73kg (dry)
    43hp from factory, 50-60hp in world 125GP
    With PI gearing: ~225km/h from factory, ~ 240km/h world 125GP
    New Honda RS125R RRP ~ AUD $17,000
  7. Thats very true, but none the less, I think it would be a great First Bike.. For Anyone 12-14 ??
  8. Is there Anyone out there, Interested in The following:

    Junior 80cc 2-Stroke / 160cc 4-Stroke Class
    125GP Class
    125 Proddy Class

    At Mallala..??
  9. Not many racers here. I'd try a different forum if you want serious discussion. As for interest, yes I'm interested. I own a 125GP bike. Get one yourself. The more people we have in the class, the better. :)

    There was a practice session yesterday, and the next practice at Mallala is on Saturday, June 2. There is also a practice at Mac Park on May 26, and "roadcraft and rider training" days on May 19 and 20.
  10. Just to clarify a point.

    The 150 4 stroke Honda is a Junior only Road Race bike. It is not intended, and never will be a replacement for the Senior 125GP class bike as they are in 2 different leagues.

    In Junior Road Racing, the Honda is raced locally here in Qld in a "Stand alone" class from the Metrakit 80 class and the 80 class (Moriwaki)

    Redman Racing
    RS125GP - Stephanie
    MH80 Moriwaki - Phillip
  11. What about the new CBR125? Seems a lot cheaper