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Honda CBR 125R Exhaust

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by 1nf3rn0, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Hi All,
    I’m currently touring around on a very slow Honda CBR 125R until my restrictions expire, I’m looking for an Exhaust to increase the bikes performance. Can any one suggest first of all what I should be looking for and second, where I might find a dealer online or in the Melbourne metro area ?

  2. Mine has a micron exhaust system which is a full system, and supposed to give me an extra 2hp.

    Its also quite loud.

    I bought it when I bought the bike, and it cost me $900 for it + installation, from Red Wing Honda

    I find that I can usually happily pass other cbr125 and lets me get up to 130km/hr (although not in a head wind or up a hill)
  3. No comment on price?
  4. Dont worry about your exhuat, just learn to ride correctly and safely
  5. With the money you could spend on mods on an exhaust, air filter and retune to actually suit the mods, it would be more cost effective selling it and getting a non uberunderpowered bike.

    Eg. Lets say ride away $5000. Full system ok $900 lets use that figure, $100-150 for higher flowing air filter. I think its FI? So need for something like pc3 to retune it so that its fuelled correctly for the mods so that it actually gets the extra performance, that will be $500-1000 for the pc3 + custom map.

    ~$7000. And it will still be shockingly slow. A brand new ninja250 or similar could be had for that money, and it will be craploads more powerful. Or even better yet get a second hand 250 of sorts for a bit more than half that.

    So in reality, its a seriously good way to waste money.

    Edit: So yeh I guess either learn to be happy with it or sell it (of course at a bigass loss) and get something more suited to your needs.
  6. Any mods to a cbr125 should be for aesthetics reasons not performance.
    You will be very disappointed if that is your expectation.. a commuter bike will never be high on performance.

    That said there are some cheaper NMF & DBF full exhaust systems for less then $300.

    I fitted a devil exhaust but that was because I liked what it added to the look of the bike.

  7. Listen to phizog.
    You'll spend money on the 125, find its still slow, sell it and buy a 250, want to modify that, spend more money then get off your restrictions and buy the 100+hp bike of your dreams.
    A week later you'll be back on here asking about after market exhausts for it.
    You're bored. Buy a good book.
    When you're off restrictions, decide how fast you want to go and with the money you've saved, buy a bike that goes that fast. :grin:
  8. Yeah, gotta say I wouldn't do much. I'm building up an Aprilia RS125 at the moment and the only thing I'm doing is giving it a better intake and rejetting the carby to suit. The hell with spending dosh on pipes.

    I'd say keep the CBR125 as a run-about for town and the like and get a bigger bike, when the time comes, for touring and weekend rides. Thats my plan.

    Cheers - boingk
  9. drewzor can you let me know where you got this exhaust from?
  10. hehehe gotta love it!