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Honda CBF250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by tim650, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. Hi guys, we are looking at buying one of these for my brother to learn on and P's test blah blah, plus il take it a few times for work or something.

    We have found a 06 model, low kms, and excellent condition.
    Has anyone ridden, owned, any problems, and general thoughts about these bikes. I hear of the CBR125r's being gutless thats why i thought the 250cc would have a bit more of get up, and actually get up a hill without that much hassle.

    We are looking/buying it tomorrow night if all is well.

    So yeah, feel free to say something about them, if its a good idea or not.

    Cheers :)
  2. I am also looking to buy a cbf 250 any info would be appreciated :)
  3. Do a garage search and PM some owners who post regularly :wink:
  4. Good little bike, nice and light, did my learners test on the honda cbf250,
    hand no probs with the day riding, give my thumbs up -
    thats just my 2c
  5. i had a few runs here and there on them.. not a bad little rig for getting about. no rocket but comfy and easy.. good build quality also i could see.
  6. Thanks guys, yeh i saw one in the dealer and had a close look at it, and i can say the quality was pretty good for a cheaper bike, obviously air cooled and everything minimal but that means less hassle.

    And its a Honda so it should be reliable. We are going tonight and im gonna ride it back for my brother (1.5hour trip). Il post what my thoughts are of it riding, highway use, if it has enough ooomph for a beginner.

  7. It's a Honda, but it's build in Brazil. And it's a single.... For my money if you are going to buy second-hand anyway, Honda CB250 - the one that was replaced by CBF250 - is actually a better bike. Twin cylinder (obviously two is better than one, right?) and fabulous, tank-like quality of construction.
  8. hey. they make nice coffee
  9. I was given a CBF250 for a day when I had the VFR in for service. I would go for a CB250 over it any day. I swear that the CB250 I had went further than "From stand still -> just about moving" in first gear. The CBF needed revving about 3/4 of the way just to go and then you'd have to hop in to 2nd straight away or run out of steam. I understand it's a single, maybe because my old 250 was a twin.

    Maybe it's been too long since I had my 250 but I swear it would at least get to 30 in 1st...

    Clutch and brake levers and pedals were better quality on the CB as well. I think I had a Y model. The CBF only had a few thousand K's on it too.

    Bleh, was glad to be back on the VFR at the end of the day :grin:
  10. Interesting input there guys.

    We bought the bike, i just got back. So my thoughts of the bike.

    Hoping on this thing it felt small, it is small actually. From starting it up i knew i was in for a slugger of a bike, and i was right. Like someone said, First gear is over before you know it, and changing into the upper gears you say to yourself 'did it go in gear', it felt that soft.

    Anyways i got use to that and it was quite a pleasent little bike to ride after a while, nice and easy going. Very light, light steering and a excellent turning circle allowed me to do u-turns in a single lane street.

    Looks wise, it aint too bad, its the candy blue hue, i like the dash, nice and easy to read analog with a digital fuel gauge (not sure how reliable this would be :LOL: )

    I rode it back (1.5-2hr trip) home and it was all highway pretty much.. I kept the bike at 100-110, with the occasional gas to see how it pulled. Cause the bike is already reving at 5000rpm in 6th gear at 80km/h, it gets up to higher speeds reasonably. I dont see what more a learner could ask for really. And the bike is being run-in still thats how low the km's are cause the kid broke his neck and cant ride, and had a new battery put in cause the original went dead.

    BUT please i want to get back on my ER6 :)