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Honda CBF250 starting issues

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sunbear, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. Hi, recently went to start my Honda CBF250 after a few weeks and it turned over well but failed to fire. I had spark at plug and fuel was good. After trying to start it I put easy start through air intake but still didn't fire. I then lost all electrics including dash gauges, lights etc. Nothing! Battery is good and has been on charge.

    Any suggestions would sure be appreciated
  2. No 1 Check battery terminals are clean & tight.
  3. Thanks, yes all good in that department.
  4. Do you have a multimeter?
    Check the main fuse, it is generally seperate from the other fuses, commonly in the enclosure with the starter solenoid
  5. Yes, checked main fuse and it is good. swapped it with another one to make sure. I think I will have to borrow a multi meter and work my way through electricals
  6. Ok you need a multimeter to go much further, switchgear is a possibility. Ignition switch, kill switch, sidestand switch etc. Doesn't necessarily explain the initial fail to start but you need to solve the no power situation first.