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Honda CBF1000 or Suzuki Bandit 1250s

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by veryuglyboxer, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. Just about to move on from the Suzuki GS500 and am considering the Honda CBF1000 or the Suzuki Bandit 1250s.

    Anyone have any comments on either bike? Also what price whould I be looking at for either bike?

    Many Ta's
  2. I'm pretty sure that the English magazine, "Bike" did a comparison test of these two not too many issues ago. It might be aa good idea to go to their web site and see if you can download a copy of the test. I vote for the Honda, of course!
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  4. you do realise who that test is marked by hornet.

    personally i love the bandit.

    more soul than the honda. awesome engine and a lower price.
  5. you have a problem with them, please share it???

    I wasn't saying your wife is ugly, you know, just pointing the poster to a comparison between two bikes

    sheesh :roll:
  6. thats it... im taking away christmas
  7. It is a question I myself pondered for quite a while. It used to be that CBF was a fair bit more expensive, but I think they are a lot closer in price now.
    Both can be had with ABS, but I think Honda's is more sophisticated.

    Very importantly, CBF felt better suited to my size; it was a bit lighter, it seemed smaller, ergos were good for me. Suzuki felt heavier and bulkier, though not by that much.

    Performance-vise, Bandit probably has more oomph but CBF has more than enough for me anyway, while I think Bandit owners go through their tyres and chains faster than CBF owners.

    While I'm a great fan of simple analog instruments, Honda's are just a little too small and crowded - I actually preferred Suzuki in this regard.

    CBFs are built some place like Thailand, definitely not Japan - and it shows. After going through forum posts I ended up with the impression that while far from being a dud, it is not quite as good as the greatest of Hondas in terms of reliability and quality of finish.

    In the end, I decided against both of them and I got a second hand CBR600F instead. Cheaper to buy, cheaper to run, great quality and enough go for my modest needs... but that's another story.
  8. Now that the Honda is closer in price there isn't much in it, the Honda is a bit lighter and easier to manage but the Suzuki has a bit more torque.

    Either will do the job... buy the one that makes you feel better when you ride it :)
  9. My brother recently evaluated both these and last week took delivery of a red CBF1000 from Metro Honda and 400kms later he loves the bike.

    His previous bike was a CBR600F4 and surprisingly he is reporting the CBF1000 is easier to ride in traffic (even lane splitting with its higher mirrors than the CBR600) and he feels more confident cornering.

    Yep, the CBF has come down in price but now sits line ball with the Bandit.

    Built in Italy I believe.

  10. Thanks everyone......

    I'll let you know how it goes. So far the CBF1000 is in front, just wished Honda would bring the 09 model here like they have done in the have done in the UK and NA
  11. I haven't ridden the Honda, but owned the 1250s.
    I actually got rid of it after 12 months.
    They are heavy, a little to hard to manage at slow speeds, and damn tall.
  12. If you've got any sort of height on you, the bandit works a treat (especially with the height adjustable seat - that extra 30 mil makes a huge difference).
    Once you lose the original rubber, and if you can muscle it around, it is a very fun bike, and good for touring and the fun (some claim the seat is too hard; I did back to back days of ten hours in it no problem, including a sydney to melbourne run, and on the "rest day" did the brissie and goldcoast backroads, including the lamington run - lock to lock no problem, very stable when you're putting about at "real world" speeds, as well. I haven't ridden a CBF1000 however

    At the end of the day, it all comes down to preference, you can get all the advice in the world, and do all the research, then like our friend above, find out a 600 is what you wanted!
  13. I contacted Honda about the future of the CBF1000, here is their reply:

  14. Get one while they're hot!!