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Honda CB900F Hornet

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by GlennO87, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. So here is my write up and review on the Honda CB919 Hornet or if your an aussie CB900F Hornet.

    A while ago my friends all got road bike so i have had decided to sell my Yamaha WR450F and join them. The hunt was on. Being born missing a vertebrae in my back. Super sport bikes after around 20 minutes start to kill my back so it was into the more upright market. But i still wanted a good amount of power to. I test rode a VFR800 brand new. Was to far forward and to me lacked torque for my liking and was just to smooth. I also wanted a V4 or a V Twin. My search was narrowing and i was thinking about importing a Vmax.

    I over looked the CB900F Hornet because to the eye. It is pretty average. I went looking for a naked 08 Suzuki 1200 Bandit at the shop but it was already gone. But over in the corner was a black 06 CB900 with oil leaks that the shop had not bothered to clean up, dual leo vince pipes and looked like it had been used to ride around fire brakes on a property and occasionally crashed into the bushes. Yet i tested it. I took off from the drive way and i was sold within around 200 meters. I opened it up and this thing had more punch than an angry father not wanting to be a dad.

    When i came back i was pretty decided that this was the bike i was going to get. But was not gonna buy that over priced oily heap of crap with 25,000kms for $7500 aussie dollars. I kept looking and came across one in rose red which i didn`t want. 7500kms brand new condition for $7500. Went up to the shop and rode it and i was sold, i didn`t want the red but could not look past the kilometers. I could touch the ground which was nice seeing i`m only 5'6. Then i bought her home, possibly the cleanest hornet on the planet. One good thing, it has Oggy Nobs fitted already to!


    It had been dropped in the garage i would say with a small scratch on the engine case handle bar end and as you can see a small scratch on the rear tail. It came with Bridgestone BT56s which have about as much grip as a virgin putting on his first condom and the brakes were as squishy as a 55yr old mothers rack. That was fixed with some Ferodo pads which are very nice! It now has Michellin Pilot Road 3s which are AMAZING.

    So after all my ranting what is this bike like. One word. Fantastic.

    It will putt around town like a naked little 250 bike. The weight depending on where you read is 200kg. And the bike is very flickable. I recently went to a track day and was surrounded by all the top 1000cc and 600cc jap bikes. My hornet stuck out like a sore thumb. Sitting there with a de tuned old CBR919 motor in it. I was parked next to a Aprillia RSV4 Carbon. All $42,000 dollars worth. I was in over my head. What am i doing here.

    Then we got on the track. Well the hornet apart from three guys who were sliding there bikes into corners. Spanked the living hell out of everyone, i even lapped people on the hornet and i am a average rider and had never done a track day before this. It turned in effortlessly and powered out of corners perfectly. But when it comes to pulling her up the old CBR600 brakes do the job, but could be better. This bike is a 'bits-a' parts bin bike. And does have its limitations. I was scraping the peg on it, over taking Ducatis, CBRs, Ninjas, GSXRs all those fancy names, on this bland as hell old hornet.

    The hornet is an amazing bike. It is an eye sore. Untill you ride it, you will be hooked. The slighty up right position is very comfortable for long trips or around town. The motor has a good amount of power and enough torque to pull even in 6th up big hills if you want it to. It will power wheelie first gear when ever you like if you hit the throttle hard. The 919cc engine is smooth as a whistle and makes some great growls. Putt around like a 250 or open it up and watch the speedo climb quick enough to make you question your license and hit the brakes.

    The bland old Hornet is not a sports bike. It is not a tourer, it isn`t even a commuter. It doesn`t really fit in. But one thing it does do. Is everything, and boy does it do it well, it is a commuter and a 250 when you want it to be, and a sports bike with enough power to be a blur as it goes by. Or just a cruise to work bike. These bikes are very over looked and if you ever get a chance to ride one i highly suggest you do.

    Juicy bits.
    Great 919cc motor.
    Good brakes, but if you push it you will find the limit on this bike fairly fast.
    Comfortable upright position.
    Great sound out of the twin exhaust.
    Does everything you want it to.
    Decent on fuel for a big bike. For you Americas. 5 gallon tank will get you 170 to 180 miles with a bit of happy wrist now and then.

    Sour bits.
    Looks a bit dull and like a rush job. Pipes, rim tape, fender eliminator and some other bits could turn it around. Which is the plan.
    Good quality bike, typical Honda, just not put together well.
    Gear box plays tricks on you sometimes.
    Stink like fuel from those pipes so close to your back.
    Seat after about 2 hours makes your ass numb.
    Front gets twitchy over 200kph and shakes a bit under heavy acceleration due to no dampener.

    Great bike if you understand what it is. It is an all rounder. And a great one.

    I hope i didn`t bore you to much!!!

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  2. This review came at the exact right moment. I'm looking for a Hornet as we speak. :)
  3. They are a great bike! You wont be let down..
  4. I don't get why so many people seem to consider these less than decent looking. To me they look "nice", but a little plain, and the headlight and pipes have a lot to do with that. The high pipes were all the rage when they came out, and while that setup wasn't exactly awe-inspiring, it wasn't as awkward-looking as some other bikes then and since.

    When I look at one, I see good overall lines that are fudged at the rear by the pipes (which to be fair, need to fit their necessary size somewhere on a stock bike), suffer about the usual amount at the front from big OEM chrome mirrors, and aren't harmed, but also not helped by the slightly-too-classic (next to the rest of the bike) headlight.

    To my eye, a notable change to the whole look of the bike (and a worthwhile loss of weight up high and rearward) could be made by switching to a low single pipe, aftermarket mirrors and a more aggressively stlyed headlight, or dual headlights.

    Exhibit A, found on the www - with the pipes and mirrors removed, but still with the stock headlight plus cowl (choose your colour). Aside from the birdy-looking light/cowl, the outline of the bike is changed a lot, and looks quite good, epecially with a lot of the visual and actual bulk of the stock pipes removed from the rear end.


    Brakes are fairly decent, so with some braided lines and some pretty simple suspension work there's a grunty, practical, respectable-handling bike that's tough as nails and able to be had for a good price. It would also be interesting to see what sort of weight reduction would come from switching the stock exhausts with a single carbon fibre low-mount. If you wanted to do a bit more engine work (given the CBR heritage) and go for a good USD fork swap and aftermarket rear shock, it would become quite a terror.
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  5. Are these fuel injected or carbie?
  6. Yeah, definitely looks better with a single pipe down low.
    Should also make the bike even more flickable
  7. I agree with Wayned. In my view the biggest contributor to ruining their look is the twin high pipes. Get some bar-end mirrors, a headlight cowl (or even an oem flyscreen if you can) and a low single sided pipe and see how the whole look is transformed for the better.
  8. I agree with you Wayned. As cool as the twin pipe are.....they are to big, to long and ruin it. I have been considering a low pipe swap over....clear indicators....The mirrors to me are fine
  9. I totally agree with your sumation Glen. I too was reticent about getting a 2007 CB900 Hornet...until I rode one. It is my 4th bike in 17 years of riding and I must say it is a hoot to ride with enough low-end torque on tap (IMHO). I've got yoshimura pipes, ultra-low handlebars, a flyscreen, a bikelitez FE (be cautious about this one because the indicators are way too close together and on the FE itself.an I'm awaiting a canary), and oggy-knobs. Changing the indicators to minis does wonders for the look. I'm currently getting a paint job as I have grown tired on the orange candy blaze. I will post pics once it's out of the shop.
  10. Great bike, the 900 Hornet. When Honda was running out their final stock you could get one new, on road for $10,990 inc gst.
  11. Great review - thanks for sharing and great to hear you love the bike.

    I have to disagree with anyone saying they're ugly though - maybe a little on the plain side but I really like the pictures above.... just seems like a nice "clean" looking bike and I think the rose red looks brilliant... but then I do like red bikes and always have.
  12. I've just got back into riding after 20+ years and I recently bought a CB900F 2006, 1 owner, 10003 km. I also tried a VFR800, CB650F, but the Hornet just did it for me. Plenty of power, easy to ride, a great bike to get back into the swing of things. I have been thinking about the exhaust & the photo "Wayned" put up has just confirmed it for me, that will be the next mod. I have just had the seat custom reshaped and covered and I would recommend that everyone look into having that done. It is now like I'm siting in the bike not just on it :) I'm amazed at the difference it made. I would put some before & after photos up of the seat, but I can't work out how to??
    Anyhow, that's it for now.
    Stay upright.....
  13. For mine....I can't get past the original seats on these things. I'd have to go the shorter pipes and a new seat for sure. Apart from that everything looks good to me.
  14. I bought an '06 model brand new. Fantastic bikes. I didn't find the seat too bad on it, but at that time I wasn't doing many long rides, just commuting and weekend day rides.

    Andy LAndy L where did you get your seat done? Be great to see some pics of before and after etc. In regards to posting the pics, use an image hosting site like Photobucket etc
  15. The looks grow on you, I thought it was an ugly dumpy shit of a thing when I bought mine but now I wipe a tear away whenever I see one pass.

    I did find myself after a few years getting to a point where I just wanted more of everything - more power, more torque, more brakes, better suspension, more ground clearance. But there's a hell of a lot of fun to be had at the end of the throttle stop, and I've never known a more capable, thrashable, ride-hard-and-put-away-wettable, reliable all-rounder as the Hornet 9. I gave mine an absolute gumboot full for about 5 years til the day I highsided it into oblivion. If you get the same amount of fun out of yours, you're gonna love that thing to bits.
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  16. Loved my 04! Delkevic pipes, PC3, renthals, -1 front spocket = bullet-proof hooligan bike that does it all. Only gripes were wind buffeting and budget suspension. Always made me grin.
  17. I got the seat done by Steve at MC Roadrunner. MC Roadrunner - Motorcycle Reviews, Stunts, Photos and Videos, Crash Repairs, Detailing and Rebuilds
    I will try to get some photos up :)
  18. Cheers bobthekelpy for the tip on Photobucket. Bit of a pain having to use a 3rd party to post your own pic's
    Before, During & After photos

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  19. Hi everyone, I have a Suzuki GSX1400k7 Special Edition, (alas the pic of my 06 on the left there is now no longer on the road as a bike, but possibly as parts on other bikes. long story for another time.) and as it's my only transport was getting sick of putting lots of km's on it through everyday use. So I went searching for another bike for my everyday transport so to save the 14 for only towing my camper trailer. I happened to find an 02 Cb900 hornet in Robertson in qld with 98,000km and with rego until jan 17 for the pittance of $1,600, I managed to talk him down to $1,200 cash with plans set to pick up on the 28th july 2016. So here I am writing this at 11.11pm on the eve of me flying to Brisbane qld from port Macquarie to get the bike and ride her home, I just wanted to say thank's to all of the members who helped me to firstly consider, then convince me to go for the Hornet (through reading the forums and other peoples experiences expressed on here) which I'd originally not thought about seriously. So a big THANK YOU (did you all hear that lol) and maybe I'll see you out on the road some where. gc5370465265083419210. gc5711881254808030725. gc4867772293493033279.
    Pictures are of actual bike as listed on Bikesales.com.au
  20. Here is my new 14....
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