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Honda CB900 helmet hooks?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by zx9er, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I have a Honda CB900 Hornet I just bought last week. Fellow Hornet owners do you know if there's any helmet hooks fitted to the bike? Hidden under the seat or anything?

    Also what are my options for transporting pillion helmets? I don't want to get a ventura rack because I don't like the look. Bunjy straps are renown for just flying off, what are my other options?
  2. Hi,

    The hooks on mine were under the seat but pivoted so you had to flick them 90 degrees to point out wards from the bike. I.e. they run front to back when tucked away, but across the bike to attach a helmet.

    I did not use them at all - I did have a Ventura rack and agree the rack spoils the look of the bike.

  3. There is a miniature elasticised net, similar to the type for box trailers, which holds a helmet firmly to the passenger seat. Try your local bike shop...

    Kobo :cool:
  4. I checked that out and the hooks don't lock the helmet to the bike in any way. Nor are they in any way secure enough to transport a helmet for a pillion.
  5. Have a look at the HelmetLok although it doesn't cover your "secure enough to transport for a pillion" request.
  6. HelmetLok and elasticised net?
  7. I have the elastised net and yep it works good. Thanks. :D other than that I think I'll just carry the lid with me.
  8. I have one of those short 'wire' cables that come with the bike, helmet to handlebars, thru helmet visor, loop cable thru 'd' rings and small padlock. lower visor and BOB's your uncle
  9. I didn't get one of those with my second hand bike, bummer.

    I like my bike but its got a few little things I'm not 100% about. The suspension doesnt have those little clicks in the adjustment so its hard to get both sides 100% even (on the front forks) and it kind of springs back a little when you turn it. And the no lockable helmet hooks built in as discussed. And the lack of any real storgae space under the seat. Hmm. It does look cool though and is fast and comfortable. When your blood runs green, its just hard to find anything else that satisfies...
  10. you read the manual on adjusting the front forks? got some lines that are markers which can be used as a guide, the 'clicking' I must say haven't mucked around with the suspension other then setting rear shocker on to a slightly heavier setting for two up. you'll find a lovely rev range where you can just crank n roll and when you find it, wind it up :) I got foam from a blackbird and used it for my seat as I recently replaced the 'smooth' vinyl with some stuff used on water craft so I don't slide on the seat