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Honda CB600f - Any advice?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Barters81, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. So I'm about a month away from getting my big boy license, hence the little whinja will be sold on to some other poor soul.

    I shouldn't say that as the ninja has been fantastic, teaching me how to ride a slow bike fast etc etc.

    I'm eyeing off a couple CB600fs on bikesales at the present. One in particular is a 2009 model, very low kms at 3,000 odd (which has me a little suss to be honest). Not sure if I can post a link to the ad directly without breaking forum rules....never seen another person do it. I'm sure you could find it if you're interested.

    It is advertised for 6.5k, looks great and is fairly local.

    I know a bunch of you guys have either had a hornet in the past or currently do. Can I ask you then for any input on things to look out for buying hornet, or any advice on what you think is a good price.

    If the 3000kms are genuine I'm thinking I'd be happy with whats been asked.....of course a bit of bartering never hurts.

    2nd question........what is it like to modify these things? Parts readily available? I think I'd be keen to replace the headlight assembly to something more oldskool and to place a bit of a windshield on it.

    Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Advice one... get used to people saying "C Goof" for your bike name :)
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  3. Ahh....I don't get it. Pretty slow this morning. :)
  4. The 600 Hornet came to Australia as a result of sustained pressure from lots of older 600 Hornet people looking for a newer upgrade. It was hugely popular in Britain and Europe, but to everyone's dismay, not the least Honda's, it bombed in this market and was discontinued after only a couple of years. I'm not aware of any issues with it: I rode a '98 model for over 120,000 kms, and loved every one of them.
    www.hondahornet.co.uk is a vast repository of Hornet info..
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  5. That's the yellow-ish one isn't it Barters81Barters81 ?
    Don't know exactly what the power numbers are but think they may not be that impressive. Suggest riding that and comparing to some of the later models, maybe even the hornet replacement the CB650F.

    Edit: seems I'm wrong in the power, puts out a respectable 75kw.
  6. On earlier models the 600F part of the logo was drawn in such a way that it looked like GOOF rather than 600F, the bike got the nickname Goof bike and later alternatively Goo Bike.
  7. It's an interesting one as their stats look good, they're pretty cheap and don't look terrible.

    The 'replacement' new bike I guess is the cb650f. A new one of those can be had for around 9k ride away if you're lucky. But, the new bikes have less power and torque by a fair bit.

    I think in the bartering I'll need to keep in mind though that the 'new' model is 9k ride away (newish is 8k), so a now 7 year old model regardless of kms should probably be more than 2.5k discounted.
  8. Don't get me wrong I'd go ahead and buy it, although it's discontinued here Honda will continue parts support fur ages and there's a huge range of after-market stuff for it online.
  9. Yep that's it.

    The older model has 100hp 47lb ft. whereas the new ones have 85hp 47lb ft. I believe the newer model was made this way to allow restricted version to be LAMS compliant etc.

    I'd really want a brand new F3 800.....but realistically this year isn't the year for that purchase, so I'm grabbing a cheaper bike for everyday commuting and the odd scratch.
  10. Reckon a 7 year old bike could have only 3500 genuine kms? Can guys replace the dash for the asme effect? All the others being sold seem to have big kms on the clock.
  11. Plenty of people buy vehicles and don't use them much: I bought my 17 year old VFR with only 58,000 kms on the clock
  12. That being the case - try a comparison ride on this for a left field entry. Same power, way more torque and bloody fun.
    2008 Aprilia Shiver 750 for sale
  13. Yeah fair enough I guess.
    I like the way you think. That is sweet candy.

    Would be worth heading up that far to snare that one. Cheers.......

    I could end up with this bike you realize. :) Seriously....that is on the money. Wondering how I missed it.
  14. Lol there's also a dealer one at the same price, but 15k km. same colour.

    If you ultimately want the F3 this is quite a nice non-expensive intro to Italian machinery....

    Make sure if you test ride you do do in both t and s modes, s is best :)
  15. I just went back into Bikesales and saw that dealer one too. Nice.....

    License test is the 7th of Feb.......new bike will probably be the 8th of Feb. :)
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  16. So that dealership Shiver is at the Moorooka Teammoto which so happens to be on my way home. Gave them a ring, they're keen to offer me a trade-in price for the ninja etc.......so it could all be very easy.

    Not sure what trade prices are like with bikes, but if they're like cars I'll probably sell mine privately. I got mine cheapish from a guy who had to sell, so I'd flog it off for about 4k thanks for coming.

    What do you reckon I'd get offered as a trade or can sell privately for?

    2013 Ninja 300 SE ABS, full yoshi exhaust, clean with no drops, about 23k on the clock.
  17. You'd get offered $2k trade probably. Could sell it quicly privately at $4k I reckon. maybe a few hundred bucks more if you wanna be patient.
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  18. Dash swap can be easily done, but this bike being not so common makes it less likely. A quick look at the condition overall should tell you if its legit. Probably got original tyres with little wear. brake pads almost new. Chain/sprockets, handgrips etc.
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  19. Thanks for your input. That's what I figured, so a private sale looks like the go.

    Funnily enough a guy at my local servo was interested in buying it for 4k during a chat filling up last night. It cost me 4.6k 14,000kms ago so i'd be happy with 4.

    When it comes down to getting a new big boy bike.....patience won't be my strong point.
  20. End of March is when I go for my big girl licence and I have been looking around at what to get. I only just got the cbr500 3 months ago after riding the 250 for quite awhile. I might inherit the other halfs vfr800 since he has been looking for at a bigger bike. Keep us updated with what you choose... I did look at the hornets awhile ago, but started liking farings instead of naked bikes.