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Honda CB600 Hornet

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ramjet, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. Hi I'm looking to upgrade and I've always liked the CB600 Hornet, its simple looks matched with practicality will be perfect for my daily commuting and occasional weekend cruise.

    I'll be carrying a pillion and Im a bit concerned about the exhaust near the pillions right leg. Is this an issue for any Hornet owners and their pillions?

    and is this a good bike for pillion passengers in regards to comfort and having enough power for the extra weight?

    oh, its the previous model im after not the 08 model.
    cool, thanks.
  2. There is a large guard over the pipe itself and a fair air-gap between it and the pipe. Pillion comfort is not an issue.

    If you don't buy the '07 - '08 model, you will be getting at best a 2001 "S" model of the original Hornet configuration; the model was not available here new after 2001 until the new model was released late last year.
  3. I owned the first yellow Hornet in Australia in 1999! I had it for 2 years, did 45,000 kays on it over 3 states, commuted every day and carried my 6'4 hubby on the back for the majority of the time. It is a reliable , comfy, attractive nice bike. Can be a tad boring but thats the trade off I suppose. I had a CBX 550 for 12 years before that which was basically the same bike. I have only good things to say about it and think its a great upgrade bike. They use them for the advanced rider courses at HART. I only got rid of mine cause i lost my licence on it and needed the $$ :oops:

  4. Should suit you down to the ground mate.
    +1 to what Paul said regarding the exhaust.
  5. If I can sneak in before Loz gets here... have you considered the 900? A bit more grunt for pillioning, plus you can get a newer but not brand new one.
  6. Yeah I've considered the mighty 900. I dont think I really need that extra grunt, the bike will be used for commuting 15min to work each day thats all. I've been doing this on my 250 for 3 years now, Its time for a change and the CB600 seems perfect. But if I were to find a newer cb900 within my budget I would definately consider it...