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Honda CB500x

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  2. Very Nice :)
  3. The question is MichaelR65MichaelR65 , how does it compare to the beemer :whistle:
  4. You may find this hard to believe but it was a joy to be back on the old R65 after 3 months away. So much more comfortable and heaps more "character". Sure, the Honda has better brakes and other mod cons. The CB500x also has heaps more power and speed, but I never really use it, honest officer! :)
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  5. Nice MichaelR65MichaelR65 ! I'm thinking of getting the CB500x myself.

    Question -

    1. Is this the 2016 model? if so...
    2. Did you look into the luggage rack options and where there many racks that are supported by the manufacturers?

    Reason I'm asking is, most of the online stores that i came across only sells luggage racks that supports the CB500x between 2013 - 2015. None of them seem to support the CB500x 2016 model.

  6. Well, mine is a 2013 model so I have not done any serious searches for 2016 systems. However, I don't believe there will be any changes to luggage racks, the 2016 updates appear to be mostly refinement and bling). It usually shows as a new model though in most listings.

    For a better idea of what is on the market check out the 500x forum,: www.cb500x.com/ There is a massive thread there about luggage.
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