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Discussion in 'Wanted' started by herhonda, Aug 17, 2015.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm after a Honda cb500x. Preferably black but will consider white.
    Prefer regoed. Under 15000kms - the lower the better.

    Cash waiting

  2. I look on bikesales/gumtree/ebay everyday. Just missed out on a mint black one with about 2g of extras, it was on bikesales and by the time I got a day of work to be able to go look at it, it was gone. The guy was a bit of an arsehole though.

    I've seen the QLD. I rather not have to travel 900+ kms for one. That's why I said NSW/ACT.

    I've been to see that black one, not prepared to pay that much when it's got that many kms on it and a brand new one is only a grand more.
  3. Sounds like you're well on top of it then! I love buying stuff interstate - fly up and roadtrip back!
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  4. I'd love to but as a shift worker, I'd have trouble finding the time to do that :(
  5. There's a few people on NR from your area. Mayne find a bike and post a thread requesting volunteers to check it out for you. They could leave a deposit on a bike pending your final inspection when you have time (within reason obviously).

    It's been done before.
  6. Have you considered a CB400 instead? Its been around longer so there's plenty around. Its a better bike. I ended up selling mine for $5K IIRC.
  7. That's a good idea, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks :)

    Yeah, I have. That's what I originally wanted until the Cb500x come out. I took one for a ride and fell in love with it. I like the idea of doing some light offroading with it.
  8. Buy it from QLD (Bris to Gold Coast) and I'll ride it home for you.
  9. All the way to the Central Coast? Haha
  10. It's not that far...done much bigger rides than that in a day ;)
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  11. yup I think I remember... wasn't there a write up of one on here somewhere?
  12. On the "other" forum I think....
  13. Long ride :) Done many long drives but yet to do a ride that long. I don't think my cb250 is cut out for it haha
  14. Hey - I just picked up a new one (Demonstrator) from the Honda Dealer at Kariong. 16 km on it and got it with 12 months rego for $7,200 and a full warranty.

    I was looking for quite a long time and people asking $6,500 for 2 yr old CB500X's with 15,000km and only 3 months rego - it didn't make any sense not to go that way - My recommendation would be to get in to the dealers around the place and see if you can't line up a demonstrator - you may have to wait a few weeks to pick it up (as I did) - but from my experience - totally worth it!

    For what it is worth - I love it - 3 weeks down and put 700km into it already!
  15. Hey!

    I know you did, it was the one I was looking at until they informed me that it was sold haha.
    Kariong is my local Honda dealer, I have told them to ring me as soon as another demo becomes available.

    I'm still going to keep my eye out for a used one, I'd definately buy a used one if it had low kms and was reasonably priced - bonus if it is already kitted out too. I've missed out on two low km, modded, cheap ones - they seemed to of sold within 2 days of them going up on bikesales :(

    Hoping Worthingtons pulls their finger out and gets back to me about a demo, they've buggered me around a few times..

    Have you done any mods yet? :)
  16. Update: Purchased a cb500x the other day :)
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