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Honda CB500F

Average User Rating:
  1. Sweet bike man.

    Is that a custom pipe?
  2. Very nice looking bike you have there.
  3. I have to agree! But what is the difference between the "F" and the "FA"?
  4. "FA" is the ABS model right?
  5. just put a deposit on one today :) quite excited
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  6. Good call!
    What color?
  7. Red. Didnt like the look of the white at all.
  8. Way to go. I saw a red 500F the other day that looked awesome. It's an wicked bike.
  9. That's a cool looking set of wheels! Honda make solid, good looking bikes
  10. that's a great looking bike
  11. Nice!! I'm looking at upgrading to one of these when I get off my ass and get my P's. I was originally looking at the cb500x, my friend ended up getting one in red but not keen on the red. However the 500f in red looks really nice! How are you finding it?
  12. The X has a more upright riding position, different dash, different tyres and longer suspension, resulting in a greater seat height, compared to the F.

    Mechanically, they are the same bike, though. You can't go wrong with either.
  13. I've sat on both and know the differences and similarities but I'm so indecisive. Comes down really to use and what riding I'll be doing. My mate bought his cb500x for the more upright position due to back issues, which I have too but he wants to do some touring which the cb500x is more suited to. I mainly do commuting and occasional group/day rides but would love to do a bit of touring too. I have come across a few people who have done trips on their cb500f though. By the time I make up my mind these bikes will be discontinued hahaha
  14. My partner has just put down a deposit on a 500 X, and is getting very excited about taking delivery. She's already working on a Long list of accessories for it.
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  15. Any of the 'Adventure Touring' upgrades Bikesales was reporting on earlier this month?
  16. She's getting a top box and panniers (possibly Hepco and Beckers) an aftermarket pipe, barkbusters and a few other goodies.
  17. Nice! Check out revzilla, it'll show up all the available accessories for the cb500x. There's quite a bit available :)
  18. Thanks for that, but it's a bit late. She ordered the racks and the panniers (30 litres) and top box (55 litres) from Motorcycle Adventure Products in Qld. Their prices are roughly the same as Revzilla and the postage is less. I used them for racks and top box and panniers for my Griso. Great service and very quick.
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  19. I'll have to check them out. Does she have a thread for her bike on here?