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Honda CB500F

Average User Rating:
  1. Awesome looking bike Slovan!
    I'm tossing between CB400 and CB500F for my first too. How do you like yours?
  2. my first bike is the cb500x great bike ,
  3. Nice looking bike SlovanSlovan .. Here's to many sunny days for you to ride!
  4. Absolutely loving it... cant fault it.... looks great, goes great , is great.

    Best thing i ever did... seriuosly.
  5. Cheers mate - loving it
  6. Thanks mate :) All I hoped to hear! Love the looks, but terrific to know it has substance too. I'm quite keen on black. Enjoy yours!
  7. How do u find the sound?
  8. morning

    its nice and quite which i like,
    but my mates reckon i should change the pipe , they say loud is safe .
    i ride so different to them though ,
  9. 20150113_190158.
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  10. SlovanSlovan very nice indeed...
  11. hey mate, have the same bike as yours, ive ordered a windshield for mine, if you've ever wondered what effect that has, let me know and i'll give u a review, once I install it and go for a wrap, main reason im getting it ,is im riding to kosiuosko next month, so thought its a good ally to have on the highways :)
  12. Yeah sweet- let me know - have been wondering....
  13. Just test rode one last weekend (got my learners the week before) and now i have placed a deposit on a red cb500f at A1 motorcycles ringwood and cant wait to pick it up in the first week of march :)
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  14. So much fun
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  15. Our Jacob recently bought one, I rode it (nice bike) but you can barely hear the exhaust. He had a muffler fitted by Peter Stevens and it's transformed the sound of the bike. What sounded like a sewing machine now sounds like a real twin.

    Take your mates advice and change the pipes (or at least fit a slip on), you won't regret it!
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  16. I have a F aswell, so the new muffler doesn't stuff around with the engine?
  17. Good quality slip on mufflers do not require retuning.
  18. Thanks zrx. Yeah the only negative would the lack of sound, no issue really, but there could be just a liiiiiitle! bit more music coming from the engine:)