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Honda CB500F/X/R

Discussion in 'Naked' started by Jane Deaux, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. Surprised there isn't a thread for the 500 series [did a search, no dice] considering there are a fair few riders here on 500s. What's been done to your 500? What do you want done on your 500?

    Mine is currently stock as I recently bought it so at the moment I just have a list of things I want to do:

    I've just ordered some Pazzo shorty levers [small hands + they look pretty good]
    Will be ordering an IXIL trem soon
    New mirrors [stock looks like a donkey] after a more street fighter look
    Looking at comfier grips [pussy grips?]
    Fender eliminator
    Silver bar ends
    Frame sliders
    rim tape

    I feel like the list will never end, there will always be something :p
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  2. I fitted a few items to my little Red Honda CBR...

    Led spotlights (USA made Rigid Industries)
    • Watts: 34.5
    • Amp Draw: 2.50
    • LED's: 6
    • Raw Lumens: 3030
    • Lux @ 10m: 206.1
    • Beam Distance: 287.1 m
    • Peak Beam Intensity: 20,612 cd
    fitted on custom designed & built 3 mm steel brackets and mounted under the mirrors,

    Ventura pack frame and bag,
    Oggy Knobs with a fantastic engine mounting frame,
    Pussy Grips / Grip Puppies... great for reducing hand cramps and cold felt through the bars,
    Rim Tape - red and white reflective,
    Garmin GPS mounted via RAM onto left bar,
    12 volt accessories plug mounted inner front left fairing,
    Michelin PR4's...
    IXIL LX3 Hyperlow slip on

    and yes, the list never ends - until you buy the next bike and begin again, ask me how I know... ha ha :)
    cheers Fred. Spotties (1). Spotties (2). Touring (1). Touring (2). Touring (3).
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  3. they look great MudfrogMudfrog, nice set up you have there!
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  4. Very nice! Nice to know the pussy grips are comfy and the oggy knobs look slick too. Where did you get the rim tape from? I don't think I have seen red and white reflective...
  5. Been in Sydney for work for about a month. Ordered stuff for my bike before I left and it's all waiting for me at home. Haven't been able to ride in that time either. Itching to get back home and give the 500 some love

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  6. I have got myself a 500x in Thailand for when I am there (hopefully half the year if all goes well) and I think it is an ideal bike for the conditions. As the 500s are built in Thailand they are well supported by "Big Wing" (Thai big bike dealers) and there is a good variety of aftermarket parts suppliers.

    Certainly Pussy Grips are needed and maybe some knobs too. I fitted a rear rack last week (Oyabun) and next job is a centre stand. Perhaps a bigger screen would be good 'cos Thai bugs can be big (and I tend to hit them a bit quick :) )

    Oyabun rack 500x_1024x474. WP_20160804_09_17_46_Pro (2)_512x768. WP_20160804_10_53_18_Pro_1024x576. WP_20160804_11_14_14_Pro_432x768. WP_20160806_06_55_35_Pro_1024x576.
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  7. Wow. I've never seen a guy riding an elephant riding a motorcycle!!
    You need a bigger top box for that beastie.
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  8. The guy on the elephant was so busy on his mobile he nearly ran me down. Lucky the elephant was looking where he was going.

    PS Elephant poo is a serious road hazard.
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