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VIC Honda CB500F - St Kilda

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by tamaranne, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Hey there,

    I'm fairly new to motorcycling, and this site, but I figured I may as well post here just so maybe my bike will be found. It's a new 2013 Honda CB500F in red, the VIN is MLHPC45U4D5000419. Engine number PC44E-2023862. The only photo I really have of it is my profile photo. I just got it in October. It has a grey tank pad on it and a small scratch on the left side of the tank. I also managed to lay it on it's side twice, the only damage was to the levers really. the left side the tip busted off and the right side is well and truly bent.

    If any more info would help just let me know.

    Who ever stole it, I hope you eventually are a better person than who you are now.

    Anyway, thanks guys. I miss my bike. :-/

  2. Sorry man that sucks. Where as it??
  3. It was in Robe St, St Kilda. No idea what they're going to do with it as currently there aren't many used ones around.
  4. That's sad, hope you find it asap or get a replacement from insurance.
  5. Ouch, hopefully you get a replacement in time for summer.

    Did you have any extra security on the bike when it was stolen? (Disc lock, alarm)
  6. sorry to hear, what a shit way to start the year - hope insurance comes through for you
  7. Spare parts - the same as most stolen bikes.
    Hope you either get it back or don't get stiffed by insurance.
  8. Oh jeez mate... you should know better living in that area. How secure was the bike? there is no way i would leave any valuable bike in that area late at night especially on NYE.
  9. Bummer tama. Not many red ones around. Hope it is insured and you can get another one soon. Once you are used to the weight (aka drop it once or twice as you have and as I did), they come into their own as a great all rounder -3.6 litres/100km - a huge range from the tank. I'll keep an eye out as well.
  10. Years ago my brother had his bike stolen from under his flat in Robe Street. The thief bounced his car out of the way so he could get the bike. 2 months later bro got a call from the cops saying they'd found his bike. The thief had filed off the frame and engine nos and changed the plates, but forgot to take off the rego label. Hope your thief is as dumb as this one was.
  11. Same as my bike. I hope the 'tards who took it get cancer of the nuts.

    Will keep a lookout for parts getting sold dodgily.