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Honda CB500F or Virago cruiser for lady rider?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Witchy, Apr 16, 2015.

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    Hi all,
    I just have a question for more experienced bike owners/riders out there. I'm updating my Ninja 250 Sports to a more upright touring position for more comfort riding. I've been checking out bikes and a few have taken my fancy but they are SO different.
    One is the Honda CB500F and the other is the Virago 250 Yamaha cruiser. I loved the Yamaha, it was soooo comfortable but the cruiser style front pegs concerned me a bit. I've also heard that cruisers are harder to corner etc? Also I'd rather get something a little more gutsy this time around so thought the CB might be a better choice.
    I'm not a super confident rider as I've had a bit of a break from riding for a few years so does anyone have an opinion on the cruiser pegs versus the sports touring peg positions. Which would be easier for me? I'm so used to the standard pegs the front pegs on the Yamaha felt a bit uncomfortable. Any suggestions or info on the bikes would be greatly appreciated.
    Any other bikes you think would be suitable to look at?
    Thanks C

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    Hey Witchy,

    The Virago will feel slower than the Ninja 250. Unless you want to restart on a very slow bike, I'd go for the Honda.

    The CB500F is a good LAMS bike that's easy to ride, has enough power and will entertain you for some time.

    They are made in Thailand, but that's not a bad thing, as it's most likely a more modern plant than the one in Japan.

    BTW, also check out the X version of the same bike. Even more upright position, windscreen etc... About a grand extra for the privilege, though.
  3. Go for a Honda CB500X... Nice and up right for long trips, plus for commuting it would be real easy on, or being a Suzuki man have a look at the SFV650, heaps of power.
  4. Pleeeese dont post in italics.
  5. Unless using scientific names.

    Also titles in capitals is a no no too.

    Too shouty.
  6. Honda's current CB500 (R/F/X) series were my first choice when considering a new (first) bike. They fit your criteria for a comfortable, upright riding position and would provide good ability for both around town and highway riding.
  7. If u have a full license there are hundreds of bikes we could recommend. The cb500 is pretty gutless compared to other bikes u could get. I say go and demo as many different bikes as u can.
  8. I know the Virago owners will howl me down, but in my opinion the 250 version of this bike is so under-powered as to be actually dangerous, and it steers like a wheelbarrow full of wet walruses; go for the Honda!
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  9. Are you still restricted to LAMS?
  10. cracked me up!!
    Hi there everyone, thanks so much for the info and forum advice :)
    No Greydog I have my full license but I'm not a hugely confident rider as I've had a break from riding for a couple of years. So I'm not really looking for a monster bike just something with a bit of grunt that is comfy on longer distances. I will keep an eye out for other models along the way but the Honda sounds like the way to go
    I will check out the X version that Mick suggested, it sounds even better!
  11. Welcome Witchy

    I have the CBR500R, and of the CBR500 range, would suggest the CBR500X. Probably the most comfortable of them all, and has fair amount of power if you compare with other LAMS bikes.

    But test ride them first!

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  12. Thanks for the info and yes time for a test ride I think :)
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  13. Mt07 ? Or mt09