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Honda CB500 twin - sold in Australia?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Damofo D.O.G., May 26, 2008.

  1. Hi guys, just wondering if you can answer this one for me.

    Was the CB500 twin ever sold over here? Like this one?

    There appears to be a low number of naked, middleweight parallel twins (the Suziki GS500 springs to mind also) here, is there some reason for that?


  2. I'm guessing not then!
  3. Hmm, interesting, the specsheet says the Cibie had a liquid cooled engine, 58 hp on tap & twin Fr discs (altho pic shows single) - so it's better off than the GS500.

    Naah, they certainly weren't official imports. As to why they weren't popular, their "image" shd tell you sumting - they're more "commuter" than sports tourer.
  4. Defo a prallel twin - check the pic again, you can see the second header (just) - the frame slightly obscures it.

    Rock solid bikes, shame there are none about!
  5. fixed for accuracy :p
  6. Because LAMs is only a relatively recent invention and most motorcycle buyers in this country are worried their d*&k will fall off if they buy anything smaller than 1000cc on an unrestricted licence.
    Sales of GS500s and the Kawasaki ER-5 were therefore fairly limited until recently.
  7. whitenite was talking about the fact that the picture shows the bike with a single front DISC, and the spec sheet states it has two...he wasn't talking about the engine ;)