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Honda CB400

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bigwids, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Hello my name is luke and I'm looking at buying one for my first bike.


    Dis like's

    Anything that you would like to seen changed on the bike (if you could)

    what is it like on the open road

    fuel economy in the city and on the open road

    I would love all the feed back suspension, motor, insurance and anything else was it worth the money
  2. Hey there.

    Well the cb400 will be on my list when I upgrade. I like it's looks, would describe it as a good alrounder and am interested in the ABS option.

    It's a honda - which makes it reliable whatever you think of their product.

    I don't like the pricetag - put it up against a suzuki gs500 and it's expensive (albeit the gs has no ABS) but depreciation will make a 2nd hand model more attractive.

    NRMA recently did a road test on this and the gs500 - here's a like for the honda.


    Is this your first bike? If so consider a cheapie for a year before you shell out 10k for a brand new model. Good luck.
  3. Hi Luke from Adelaide, I'm Luke from Adelaide! haha
    I've had a few rides on the Cb400 and I reckon its great, plenty of power and comfortable. Good mileage and quite capable in the twisties.

    Good luck with whatever you decide mate
  4. here goes:

    I've had one for just over a month, picked it up at the end of July.

    background: had my eye set on a new bmw f650GS till i realised they replaced them with a 800 that was not lams approved. ive ridden the vtr250, an old spada, and a 90's 650GS. I'm 6ft2inches and 94kg's so not a small bloke. I was after a bike for commuting about 30mins each way and the regular blat down to sydney from newcastle and back.

    i didnt see money as an issue and have had some very substandard experiences with used cars in the past, thats why i was after something new.

    I've done about 2500km's in the month ive had it including a trip to merriwa up the golden hwy via broke, daily commuting around newy/lake mac, and a trip down the old pacific hwy just last weekend.

    it handles city speeds exceptionally well and holds its own on the fwy/open road, though can get a bit blustery with no farings. the one thing im looking to get to improve the open road riding is a laminar flow bikini cowl.

    I get about 280k's/14L - ie: 20km/L or 5L/100k's, but i do give it a good twist at lights and like to keep vtec open more often than i probably should. check out the singaporebikes forums, they have a special section for the cb400super four and people get between 270 and 320k's per tank before reserve, which depends heavily on mods and riding style. Average is probably about 4.2L/100k's

    the seating position is more upright than the vtr250 and spada but its quite comfortable in traffic and on ling rides not having to hunch over.

    filtering on it is a breeze and its quite manourverable between tight spaces. (riding peak hour for a week in sydney from the city to lane cove gave me a good lot of splitting/filtering practice. )

    the power is impressive for a lams bike. Vtec gives a nice boost at 6750rpm through to the redline and makes the exhaust note become richer. it brings a smile to my face just about every time.

    ive scraped the pegs a fair bit which i think is a result of them being a bit lower than your typical naked sports bike. that is getting it right over though, no chicken strips left ;)

    the abs is amazing. you can jump on the rear or front brake individually and it just brings you to a nice controlled stop even in the wet or on a slippery surface. the feedback into the brake leaver is subtle and the abs cycles very quickly.

    the suspension is set a little soft at the rear on my bike at present (especially loaded up with gear in panniers), though thats easy to fix.

    my only quibbles are the mirror width (have to duck to the side to check out the cars directly behind as my shoulders get in the way), but it has a good amount of clearence between cars - a worthwhile tradeoff for city riding. you can easily change mirrors anyway.

    Design wise, its been through a pretty steady evolution over the years. The 08 model (Vtec REVO) brings fuel injection, a euro emissions compliant pipe and optional abs to the bike.

    im planning to keep it for some time, and am more than happy with the purchase. I've had plenty of comments from other riders about how good they look as well :D
  5. Thank you mate you have made it that little more easier to commit buying it