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Honda CB400 VTEC

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bigbaz, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Anyone know anything other than it is replacing the VTR250 later this year

  2. it has a bigger engine.
  3. We might eventually see the long awaited return of the CBR400's?
  4. The instructors at HART ride them. Fuel injected inline 4, and the HART guys reckon they're a great laugh. I'd say they'll be a beaut spiritual successor to the VTR250 and little brother to the hornet 6, two bikes I've got loads of time for.

    Here's one of the HART boys flogging one at the intermediate course we organised recently.

  5. It'll probably cost a lot more than the VTR. In Japan it's 50% dearer, which'd put it well up around the 10k mark here for something that's not really any more powerful than a GS500 - but is heavier.

    I reckon it'd make more sense to bring in the parallel-twin, CB400SS - nowhere near the same level of performance but costs the same as a VTR and has a retro charm the GS500 unfortunately lacks.

    Edit: Oh and all the info you could want is here (in Japanese :LOL:)
  6. I think he missed a few cones out the back! :LOL:
  7. oh, well at least he'd be having fun!