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Honda CB400 vs Hornet 250 (for a large rider)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Glekichi, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Can anybody offer a comparison between the two after having ridden both?

    At 6'2" and 110kg I am leaning towards the CB400 for my fist bike because it offers pretty much the maximum power and torque I am going to get from any LAMS bike.

    I lived in Japan for 6 years and really liked the look and sound of the Hornet, and being the cheaper of the two it is certainly an attractive option, but the extra power, torque and size (although i dont think there is much in it?) of the CB400 make me think it may be the better option.

    No Hornets in SA for sale means I would probably import one myself as I do have a lot of experience importing sports cars, but the fact that I could not test ride and compare these two bikes is a bit concerning.

    Any pointers or other factors to consider would be appreciated.

  2. Unfortunately regrettably bureaucratically not possible to import a bike in the same way you can a car. Only possible way of doing it as a personal import is where you have owned the bike in the country you are bringing it from for a period of 12 months. Even then there are hoops to be jumped thru. I reckon give it more time then we should be able to import bikes like cars.

    Go to a few Honda dealers to try out the cb400. Make sure you don't get an import CB400 as they are old and not as good as the Australian delivered models (no vtec, efi, abs and more). You could probably get a test ride on the hornet thru 2nd hand private sellers. Good luck.
  3. Thanks ResmeN.

    I havent looked into it in detail recently but I thought the compliance process was the same the imperial govt website has a list of RAWS workshops for each type of bike. Is it the import approval itself that is difficult? How do places like Sumoto go about it?

    Because of the lack of Hornets in SA, I've almost given up on them entirely. Plus, the mega-thread on the CB400 has given me more than enough info on them to be fairly certain it would be a great choice.

    Still, Id be very keen to hear from someone who has owned or at least ridden both.

  4. CB400 would be the better bet, 110kg is too much for the 250

    The new CB400 is a far better bike than the 250 Hornet anyways, but it does cost a lot more.. Only Comparisons within the same price range are valid... Still, I'd recommend an older CB400 over the Hornet for you
  5. CB400 is for you, the Hornet wont be nearly as fun with 110kg on it, in order for it to be fast and fun you need to be light, it wont have the torque otherwise. Either lose weight or buy a CB400.

    Though i will say, im 6ft and i found the CB400 a little cramped when i sat on one at the dealership last weekend while i was getting my hornet repaired.

    Try the GS500F too.

    EDIT: Drive to victoria and buy a hornet, there are like 8 for sale there.
  6. Unfortunately not the same case and procedures with importing bikes as importing cars.
    Everything you want to know on importing bikes and much more can be found here Importing Vehicles to Australia
    Unconnected re the crampness of the cb400 for taller people the solution is simple, either go for lower handlebars or clipons which push the handles further away or aftermarket rearsets which have adjustability or both.
    I've changed the stock handlebars to clipons and the ergonomics are now perfect.
  7. thought about the Hornet900? I recently bought one, second hand for $4k, goes well!!
    Or are you limited to LAMS bikes?
    hey Resmen, how yah been :) hope all's well
  8. You may want to expand your choices out a bit beyond just the 2 hondas, based on your height there are a number of different options by Suzuik, kawasaki & Yamaha that are taller & heavier than a cb400..
  9. Hey goddie, all is well and hope same with you too. Made me feel good to read posts of you getting a hornet and riding around.
  10. really, though, this is a choice between new (or nearly new) and old, and who knows how old???

    If I could afford it, as much as I love my 600 Hornet, I'd be buying new......
  11. CB400, no contest.
  12. Thanks everyone for all the advice.
    CB400 it is, as long as it is comfortable when I have a sit.