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Honda CB400 SE

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Blatz, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone. Picked this up on Thursday. Put 90kms on her in the hills already!
    Absolutely love it, an incredible upgrade from the Hyosung GT250 I was riding.


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  2. nice bike, one of the melb guys has one this color scheme and they look the bit close up, color scheme gives them the 'old skool' look [i think anyway]
    enjoy and yes, anything from a hyo250 would be an ugrade, even a cbr125 :)
  3. Thanks goddie I think it's got a nice retro look too. It was this colour or the black and since this is a "limited release" and my previous bike which was all black was much more work to clean I went for the obvious choice :p
  4. Nice ride.. but then I am a little biased :)
  5. Nice one mate, very nice indeed. I also like the retro kind of feel that many manufactuers are putting back into bikes, and this ones a case in point.

    All the best - boingk
  6. Nice bike mate. Have exactly the same bike and colour. Awesome rides.

    Only things I've changed is mirrors, indicators and oggy knobs.

    Make sure you check out the cb400 fourm in the reviews sections
  7. I'm interested in putting on the crash knobs as well. Have had a look at that thread, lots of good info on there!
  8. Looking good mate - the CB400 is a fantastic bike. I really love going out on mine :D

    I also added an ultimate add-ons phone iPhone cradle and charger and Optimate charging kit. Looking at Oggy knobs, a tank bra (from Ultimate Motorsports in Singapore) and a Scottoiler E-system.
  9. Awesome! Thumbs up for the retro look here too :)
  10. Sensational looking bike. Enjoy!
  11. Great bike, had one identical to it. Have fun!