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Honda CB400 HISS Problem?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by adxdopefish, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. Good afternoon fellow Netriders.

    I was just curious to see if any of you out there have had any faults with your HISS enabled Honda motorcycles?

    I have a 2009 CB400 which has been fantastic, but has recently developed an issue where it will not start first time, every time. Some days it will be just fine. Other days I will regularly get a problem where the speedo and tacho swing from left hand side to right hand side and back again (as is normal) but the fuel pump will not prime and the check engine and HISS light do turn off. The starter motor will crank the engine but there is no spark. After turning the key off and on again a couple of times, usually the HISS and engine lights will go out, and the bike will start instantly. Sometimes I need to remove the key completely from the barrel and reinsert.

    I took it to Honda for its 1000K service and told them of the issue. They thought it was the fuel pump and replaced it under warranty. The problem still stands.

    Has anyone ever experienced anything similar with HISS?
  2. Yes. When my original key snapped I had a blank made without the chip in it. So I had the transponder part of the key in addition to a blank. to get the bike to start I'd turn the key then put the transponder part of the broken key pointing downwards on the ignition barrel - this is then read and the fuel pump primes etc. Without it, it just cliks as you describe.

    I'd try the spare key for starters, otherwise it may be part that picks up the signal from the key.
  3. +1 to Phizog try the spare key. No problems with HISS on my bike of over 7 years. Good Luck.
  4. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for your replies so far. I thought I was doing really well in getting all of the details into my original message but clearly I managed to miss that bit.

    I have indeed tried the spare key. I thought I was onto a winner on the first day of using it, when I didn't run into any problems at all. But now on Day 2 with the spare key in action, the problem has returned...

    I'll keep you all posted on progress, if not for anything more than to help the next person out who might happen to be searching the internet for similar issues.

    I am still interested to hear from others who may have had HISS dramas in the past.

    - Brad
  5. No HISS problems here. Have you tried any Honda-specific forums? I'd definitely be taking it back to the shop while it's still under warranty.
  6. sounds like a damaged antenna or plug/wiring to it. Never had a problem with all my honda roadbikes. BMW is having a shitfight over lots of failed units on their current models (including recalls for antenna replacements). Same symptoms as yours.
  7. Yes I have. Mines a 2009 model with 12000k's. First noticed it on a cold start in early December. Turned the ignition off then it started ok. No issues until a couple of weeks ago when it happened twice on the same cold start. Third time it started ok. I will be reporting it at my next service.
  8. Do you have any other keys on your key ring that have a chip in them?

    ie the spare key and your ignition key on the same key ring. Two Honda keys on the same key ring can confuse HISS other wise its the antena thats not picking up the key. If you go see a Honda dealer they can stick the bike into dealer mode and look at all the faults that have been recorded. HISS antena failure flash sequence is as follows:

    HISS light stays on for 10 seconds - then Hiss light will give 2 quick flashes (1 second each) - followed by two long flashes (3 seconds each).

    Next time it fails dont turn the key off and see if the above code flashes on the HISS light.
  9. That is really interesting. It is nice knowing that I am not the only person experiencing this problem. :)

    Thank you for this information E2W. I do not have a keyring at all for my bike key - I don't want them all blowing around in the wind and scratching up the shiny bits :)

    I took the CB for a nice ride up to Paluma, QLD last night. I was a little concerned that I would get there and get stuck, unable to start the bike up again. The CB however performed flawlessly and I had a fantastic ride up the 3000M range and back. :)

    I will still be taking it to Honda in the new week though.

    Thanks guys :)
  10. My cb400 HISS problem has reoccurred 2 or 3 times this week, so its back to the dealer next Weds. Will let you know how I get on.
  11. Gidday

    Heres an update on how I got on at the dealer last week. Left the bike there Weds night and all day Thursday. The service manager said he regularly turned the ignition on during the day and.....nothing, the HISS system fired up perfectly first time every time. He suggested the next time it happens that I video the flashing light sequences which may enable him to get an idea of what the sequence is so he can look up the error code in the service manual. Apparently there is a plug in diagnostic error reader or something.

    Anyway thats where I'm at with this problem.
  12. That has got to be pretty annoying. Intermittent problems are such a pain. How frequently does it happen to you?
  13. And the penny-pinchers of today think they have a hard life, keeping their CX500s and GS450s on the road. Just wait till these HISS systems are 25 years old!

    What's wrong with the simple practically fail-proof old ignition system?!
  14. True that. Come and explain that to the manufacturers if they would understand.
  15. But the manufacturers don’t want you to keep the bike for 25 years. They want you to buy a new bike before then. After the warranty runs out repairs keep the spare parts industry in business. It’s a conspiracy.](*,)
  16. Tvvat's steal them if they dont have HISS
  17. This is an interesting read. I've an '09 model, and haven't had any problems with the HISS, but I have had the key barrel sticking a little, as though the key hasn't been cut right - which isn't the case as it's worked fine up until recently.

    I just gets a little stiff to turn the key at times.
  18. My bike had a hiss problem last week, it turned out to be a snake under the seat.
  19. WD40.
    I thought my key was wearing out because i was having trouble with it same as you. WD40, work the key a few times to loosen the tumblers, fixed.
  20. I'd advise against using any oil based products in the ignition switch. They will attract all manner of dirt and crap to further gum up the works over time. Far better to use graphite dust. Comes in a small puffer style bottle for easy application. And it does work. From personal experience.