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Honda CB400 - First Ride

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by muga, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Just collected her the other day, only a couple of hundred K's on the clock.

    Any other newbies in the Wollongong area keen to go for a ride some day?


  2. looks scmick, ride it ALOT :)
  3. Looks nice mate, love it in the white. Congrats.
  4. Welcome, there seem to be a few of us from 2500 in here - only found out from another NR's post a couple of weeks ago there is another forum a little closer to home but as I am a newbie here will leave it to Hornet to let you in on the secret.
  5. Starting the rack up kilometers now, just wondering where is a good place in the area to get it serviced?
  6. Nice mate - I bought the same model & colour in November - I love mine !!

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  7. Very nice and congrats!
  8. Just clicked over the 3000K mark today going through the national park, it has got to be my most favorite stretch of road I have ridden so far, I have noticed a massive number of highway patrol cars on it lately though..

    What is this illusive forum closer to home you speak of? Google has not come up with much, other than a forum which appears not to have been used in donkeys..
  9. Hey muga , i'm down in Nowra but i'd be up for a run if the rain ever stops , should meet up some time for a blast up Mac Pass & into the highlands maybe or up the old highway & back down thru nasho , i've got a son up in the gong with a newly aquired 650 Hyo who would always be up for a run , get back to me . cheers Brad
  10. For sure, I'm keen to travel wherever for a ride.. somewhere with no rain would be nice!

    I'll send you a PM