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Honda CB400 damaged in carpark

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RigaRider, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. I came to my apartment's carpark today and found that my bike (which I just purchased on Saturday) was not parked the same way I left it on Sunday. After closer examination I noticed that it was dropped on right side with scratches on handlebar, engine, foot-peg and muffler. Neighbour told me that bike wasn't at my carspot this morning.

    Do you think someone took it for a ride? I am puzzled.. If I make insurance claim I have no way to prove that it wasn't me.
    IMG_20140305_193618. IMG_20140305_193637. IMG_20140305_193701. IMG_20140305_193644.
  2. Won't matter anyway. Unless you can name the offender, it'll be the same as if it WAS you.

    Bummer. I suppose no cameras in the car park?
  3. Do you have a flatmate who has access to the keys?
    Is the ignition lock damaged?
    It is strange the neighbor said it was gone and now its back.

    Greydog is right about the insurance, if you can't produce a person who damaged it then you are responsible and your excess etc applies.

    Bad luck.
  4. I live by myself.
    I will check with building manager in the morning if there was anything captured on security cameras.
  5. The bike was dropped on the right side, does this neighbour park on the left side? At a guess they didn't expect a bike in your spot, and knocked it over, or didn't see it and knocked it over. A stranger may have picked it up.
  6. It was parked parallel in the middle of carspot and neighbour parks on the right. However, I have another car parked on the left.
  7. I hope you get security footage that proves who did it, and go after them with the full force of the law. I had some bastard do the same to me when I had a K6 GSXR1000 that was 3 months old. Knocked it over and drove off, did ~$4.5K worth of damage........no footage :(

    People that do this shit deserve to be raped in jail by bubba.
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  8. I think its pretty unlikely someone has taken it for a ride. The CB400 is not easily started without a key (there is a RFID chip in the key). Did you get 2 keys when you purchased the bike ?

    My guess is your neighbor knocked the bike over and is trying to cover his tracks by saying the bike was missing. Have a good look at his car for any scratches
  9. Someone definitely knocked it over, but not the neighbour on the right. Building manager confirmed that bike was there yesterday morning, so noone took it. He as well suggested it could be someone who parks across from me and will check footage this morning if he can see anything.
  10. Hope you find out who did it.
  11. That sucks man, good excuse to stick an yoshi exhaust, rearsets and anodised bar ends on it though!
  12. Hope you find out who knocked it over, was obviously one of your neighbors.

    Don't bother with insurance as your excess will probably be more expensive than the cost of replacing parts...

    sucks that people are dishonest, someone obviously knocked it over... its an accident they should own up and pay the damages!
  13. Building manager confirmed that it was a car parked opposite me which reversed into my carspot, however on a footage couldn't see if it knocked over my bike.
  14. Good.

    Don't tell them you don't have the actual footage of them hitting your car. Just leave a note in their letterbox saying you have footage and can you have their insurance details, be polite, they are your neighbour.

    Does the footage show who picked up your bike?
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  15. Inspect the offending vehicle for rear-end damage before approaching them.
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  16. Left a note on Friday and got a phone call from neighbour today. He gave me his insurance company's phone number and claim number. Will see how it works out now.
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  17. Good outcome.

    Hopefully his insurance will cover all the damages, you can upgrade all the parts and get a better resale price and go out and enjoy the Brutale!
  18. What a cheeky fcuking prick for trying to get away with it!
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  19. If they were honest people they would of owned up straight away!

    glad you found out who did it mate, and it all works out :)
  20. If you do get a new pipe get an ixil mate has one it sounds sexy