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Honda CB400 Bented Brake Level

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ringofuri, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. Hi All,

    I am on Ls and still learning right now. I got a CB 400 and I love it. But today when I try to ride up a little slope in front of my place. It is on 2nd/3rd gear, not enough torque and engine lights out. The bike drop on the right hand side and bent my brake level. It is about 2cm bend down.

    I still can reach it comfortably, but what should I do now ? Should I try take it off and bend it back or replace a brand new one ? What about the body frame, would it distorted ? It is not a big drop or it just happened so sudden to me. What a shame.

    I am in Sydney North near Berowra. Any ideas will be much appreciated !

  2. Hi Wing,
    Remove the lever and very carefully straighten it out,
    Or, keep it as a spare and get a replacement from a bike shop or wrecker.
    This is the most common thing that will ever get damaged on your bike.
  3. Hi Wing,
    Sorry to hear you had a tumble, the main thing is you're allright.

    Bike controls are important, and I personally wouldn't compromise riding around with a bent lever for very long. Even if you straighten it back out, you may contribute to it having hairline fractures in the metal itself (depending on how malleable the metal is of course). You will find out about those being there at the most inconvenient moment - when you are hard on the brakes.

    I would look for a replacement lever - If you call around motorcycle wreckers, you will be able to get one for quite cheap. In the meantime, if its only a few cms out, ride around gingerly until you find a permanent solution.

    Good luck
  4. If it's an original factory lever it's probably cast aluminium so if you try and bend it back without heating it'll probably snap so the best thing to do is get a new one. It shouldn't be too expensive.
  5. Low speed drop is v unlikely to cause any issue with frame. Possibly could cause issues with a twist in forks which is fairly easy to address yourself if you know how. Also could bend your handlebars.

    If in doubt get these checked by a friend with more knowledge or a mechanic could give it a once over.
  6. Yep it's a bugger I caught mine on a fence , they arnt that expensive, to be caught out if it snaps could wreck a good ride