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Honda CB400 (2012) mods

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Arnas, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. So after few hick-ups and mess ups I've finally been able to complete most of the changes I wanted

    Hurricane Clip-ons
    Scorpion Mirrors
    SD-R Adjustable levers
    Delkevic Slip-on Exhaust
    Front Indicators

    I'll upload exhaust sound afterwards, forgot to bring my Sony action camera with me downstairs and didn't wanna ruin the quality using phones recorder.

    Future changes:
    Fender Eliminator
    Rear Indicators
    Handlebar Grips
    Gear Indicator
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  2. Looks Good, So those clip on's wont hit the tank at full lock?
  3. nah I adjusted it for it to have about 1-2cm gap on full lock
  4. Interested to see how you go with the twin headlight set-up.
  5. That is just an idea for now. After opening up headlight and finding all sorts of cables inside of it I'm not quite sure how would I split them if I had to install twin-headlight. Possibly would have to give it to mechanics and let them deal with it lol
  6. Something like this ArnasArnas

  7. Yeah something like that. I just don't know what to do with the cables. Don't wanna leave theme exposed outside the casing and don't feel too confident to split them apart myself
  8. Squeeze them all into one of the head lights and then splice the second head light in.

    if the all don't fit into one head light, just part the cluster and stick half in one and half in the other.
  9. You could buy some of that insulated heat shrink wrap stuff ...
  10. Keep all your original bits, it will be easier to sell "unmolested" and you'll get more for it probably.
  11. All I need is a motor and a frame and with all the prices saved from bike mods I could assemble another bike.
  12. Yeah I'm keeping all stock parts however if or when I'm going to sell all aftermarket parts would be included regardless they want stock or not. I have no use of them once bike is gone :) but for next few years I'm not planning on changing my bike.
  13. Looking good matey, you must be chuffed :couchpotato:
  14. Yeah pretty excited. Changed riding position definitely for better :)
  15. I know I noticed a huge difference just changing the gear lever, clutch and brake lever positions so I can only imagine the difference with all the changes you've made. Its a pretty good feeling when you adjust your bike and parts to suit yourself. Very satisfying feeling. My OH rebuilt his kwaka ZX750 (or was it a 700, I can never remember) right back down from the nuts and bolts then dropped a 900 in her years ago and he absolutely loves his bike for it. He's got another ZX he's wanting to do as well, however finances haven't allowed for much of late so she's sitting in the garage just waiting. I know the satisfaction he gets out of doing this, I love seeing the excitement on his face when he's completed bits and pieces, however he does have many moments of frustration (they are the moments I hibernate back in the house and delegate myself to cleaning out cupboards or catching up on whatever needs to be done, washing windows, etc, anything to keep busy and out of his way lol).
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  16. Lucky guy! I got told off for playing with my bike too much while installing all the bits you saw in photos (It only took half a day or so) :(
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  17. Does your OH ride? Just tell her it could be worse, you could be down the pub guzzling beer and popping $$$ down strippers g-strings lol.
    I like the look of the black pegs you have picked out, it'll suit the rest of the bike well. Buying bike bits can be highly addictive, unfortunately at the moment our bike parts being ordered are mainly for the kids dirt bikes, warrant we usually ride them just as much as the kids. Looks like we are getting another dirt bike next for one of our youngest lads, his cheap jap dirt bike is just about worn out so Santa may have to replace it with one more suitable. Looking at a Yamaha or something a lot more durable than the generics. However he's going to have to wait a bit until I finally get my road license L's and then P's, mummy's got goals first this year.
  18. Priorities! teach them while they are young lol
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  19. He's all over mum getting her license, I'm not allowed to have a practice session without his presence. Master 9 (just turned a few weeks ago) did his first burn out last week, to say I was chuffed would be a vast understatement.