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honda cb400 '12 questions

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Arnas, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. So while waiting for my aftermarket parts to arrive I figured I'll go and play around with my bike.
    Wanted to flip the handlebar upside-down so I can get used to clip-on feeling prior to getting it however I I couldn't figure out how to undo the bit holding it [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Slightly discouraged but still optimistic I figured I'll take off back fairing and get familiarised with whats connected where however I couldn't do that either! Need some help with figuring out the way of how to undo these bolts![​IMG]

    Also I'll possibly need to lower my triple tree to be able to put on Hurricane Clip-ons am I right to assume all I need to do is loosen these screws and push it down
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Howdy,

    You need to remove the caps first .. Use a flat head screw driver for the back ones , they are just little caps that cover the allen key holes.

    Here's a few pics you might find useful.


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  3. you are a savior! What about lowering triple tree?
  4. Can't help you there unfortunately... I'm not that savvy...

    I'm sure someone here has done it before..

  5. Not sure if you can lower them matey, you can only slide the forks through the triples which then inlays the next problem, you will hit the handle bar and then steepen up the front end geometry which will then quicken up the steering, you may also then run into ground clearance problems as your foot pegs will be closer to the ground.
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  6. Reckon I should just mount them under the triple tree like you normally would?
  7. yep
  8. Sorry I should of said G'day first.
    G'day Arnas, I'm Red Riding Hood and only joined the forum last night.
    I feel it only fair to state for the record, so I'm not giving any sort of illusion to knowledge. Personally I have no idea, however the person sitting behind me at this given moment modifies/rebuilds bikes. I'm bit lucky enough to have a few good friends who do this, I'm trying to learn and hopefully some of it is being retained.
  9. I wish I had friends like that lol. It's gonna be trial and error sort of thing for me before i get it right with clip-ons
  10. I have been where you are and paid good money for someone else to do work for me, thank goodness that's a thing of the past and now, thankfully, have people to show me how to do for myself. Just hope it doesn't go in one ear and out the other. You can shoot me a question and I can always ask for you, they are pretty happy and friendly, and always keen to share knowledge, if one of them doesn't know quite often another one does or they amalgamate and work it out.
    Good luck matey, hope it all goes well.
  11. alright, just tried flipping bars upside-down however it wasn't the best idea. it was either touching a tank or way too leaned over almost as if i was sleeping on it lol
  12. Total tangent, but, OMG ANOTHER YELLOW CB400! :woot::D
  13. S
    Snap, another woman with excellent taste :-*
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  14. Hey Arnas,
    Hows those handbars treating you this week? Are you still napping on them?:wacky:
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  15. Hey! I've actually managed to get and install Hurricane Clip-ons
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  16. Well done matey, you must be chuffed. How do they feel when riding?
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  17. unfortunately I had no opportunity to take it down the road, only around the parking lot. Felt different obviously but nice. Was expecting that i'd take me long time to swap them around however everything was done in about an hour
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  18. Well at least it was good on the time management front =D Glad to hear they felt nice, I'll be keen to hear how you go when your out on the road, make sure you keep me posted. :)
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  19. yeah most definitely! I'll be going out for a ride tomorrow. Might even join saturday night riders (sydney group)
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  20. Ah your a Sydney lad. Although I currently live in the Yarra Ranges (up behind Melbournes East) I was born and breed in the gong and lived in Sydney for some time.
    Where in Sydney are you? (Don't answer if your not comfortable to, no ill feelings will be had).