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Honda CB300R - Brazil Only?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Wayned, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. Rego is up to 300cc in the bracket? So if it was 299cc would be nice and cheap in nsw at least.
  2. I've long since lost track since I've long since not owned a smaller bike.

    If that's the case in enough states it could be a prospect here. A lot of mid capacity bikes in maybe the 350-550cc range in years gone by have been up against much higher on-road costs. It was worse before some states bought LAMS in instead of a 250cc limit for new riders.
  3. So would a rear disc :LOL:

    If they were to bring it here it should replace the cb250f, as they would be too similar in cost/performance. It's less powerful and has barely more torque than some of the 250s out there, (26hp and 27.5nm)

    Although if it were brought in to replace the cbr125.....:)
  4. I noted that the new VTR250 has just been released in Australia. While this CB300R looks nice, it is agriculture compared to the VTR!
  5. Honda, and I guess the other manufacturers, have dozens of models that are restricted to certain markets and only get sold there for specific reasons.

    For example, when I was in the Philippines in the mid-90's I rode several examples of 250cc single cylinder bikes that are only marketed there. Single disk on front, drum brake on rear and only a 4 speed gearbox. Basic, but VERY solid, as they need to be to survive the appalling roads out in the provinces.

    The CBR150 that is used in the MRRDA development series for 13-17 year olds here in Australia is actually marketed in Thailand and is in regular use as a police bike over there!