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Honda CB300F/CB400 or KTM Duke 390

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jzell67, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Red scooter P plater here who is about to get my full licence (coz im old) so would like to get a "real" bike....

    The above three are my picks, so far mainly due to weight/seat height and ease of riding through traffic. I will be using it for riding to work through peak Sydney traffic and the odd weekend trip.

    The CB400 is also on the list as i feel it is a good reliable workhorse which will treat me well. The Cb300f and the KTM are upright and light which i need due too dodgy shoulders...

    So tell me what you would pick?
  2. I think there is something missing from your post "the above three". Is it just the three you mentioned ? Do you have budget ?

    Edit: Ah you mean the three in the thread title of course.
  3. Lol sorry my budget is approx $10k. Preferrably less.
    Ive narrowed it down to the CB300F/CB400 or KTM Duke 390.
  4. CB400 out of that lot, not because I happen to have one but it's the best of those three IMHO. With a budget of 10k there are an infinite number of bikes to choose from. Have you ridden some of them ?
  5. Yeah cb400 out of them but with a full licence I would look at some others but I'm a speed freak. What about z800 ? Upright so it's good for your shoulder but more power
  6. Not so much after alot of power just a bike to get me to work some days and to putt around the place.

    I havent ridden any yet as im still only on my red scooter p's. Once i get a full licence in September ill start checking them out.

    I am leaning to the cb400 myself.... z800 is 231kg...will be too heavy for me too move around eg parking garage etc...

    Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate the help!
  7. If you are going to have a full licence then i don't think anyone here will recommend paying big money for less bike i.e buying a LAMS cb400. Maybe look at a full power sv650 or ninja 650, honda cb600 or 900. The Cb400's have a big premium purely because they are still LAMS
  8. CB400 is a great bike but if you have your fulls I would look at some other options.

    With that budget Ninja 650R/ER6N and CB650F are very good options. If power isn't important and you want an upright position the KLR650, DR650 and G650GS are very good commuters which can doa lot more.
  9. I cant ride a bike in which i will have to lean forward on. Thats why ive chosen bikes which, with my height of 5ft 3 i will be more upright. Seat height is relevant as well...

    There does seem to be a premium on the CB400 because it is LAMS. I like the DRZ400 but i think the seat height is too high.....

    Looks like ill have to widen my search and get my bum on a few seats too see what is suitable height and reach wise.

    Thanks for the suggestions.. has given me lots to think about.
  10. ............. and they made you a mod, Mac??

    jzell, the cb400 is a cracking bike and you'll get plenty of change from $10k on a decent 2nd hand one.
    As mentioned it comes with a premium because it's a LAMS bike - but one of the best LAMS bikes, and therefore if you ever come to sell -you sell with the same premium. So a pretty lame argument there.

    The bigger bikes like the ER and SV sound as if they'd be too big/heavy for you. When you get a full licence test ride them all before you decide and you'll be fine.
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  11. You need to ride them and see what suits. I test rode a cb400, and though there was nothing wrong with it, I found that the 390 duke had a riding position that I preferred - a bit higher with feet further back. I also preferred the character of a single over 4 cylinders at this capacity, I liked the look of the duke, it is almost 50Kg lighter than the CB400 and surgical in traffic. And you can buy a new one and have change from your budget.

    On the other hand with a 390 duke you would be pioneering a fairly new model which was built in India instead of having the comfort of a respected (if not revered) model made in Japan. (Though this has not been a problem for me yet). The duke is more plasticy than the cb too, if that's a concern.
  12. The CB400 is a gem. The 300 will never be anything more than competent.
    You might want to have a look around for a used Moto Guzzi Breva 750.
    This bike (discontinued in 2011) had a much lower seat height than the V7 that replaced it and a size and weight much like the CB400.
    Shaft drive is a big plus.
  13. This.....take a day off and go sit on lots of bikes, you are right there's lots to think about particularly given your very workable budget. Some good advice here for you from the members so come back when you have a short list or have made a choice and let us know.:)
  14. Both the CB400 and Duke are awesome - took both on test drives and both are easy to sell on once you graduate from your plates.

    Came down to cost and driving position for me. $6900 drive away you can't argue with. What does a CB400 go for?

    And as Fatboy stated - absolutely surgical in traffic.

    Take them for a ride - the one that makes you tingle all over and your heart skip a beat - that's the one for you!

    PS: My wife is on her L's and has taken to the Duke like a 'duck to water'. Light and perhaps physically not as intimidating as a cb400.
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  15. From a budget point of view, the Duke is cheaper to buy and I suspect the Duke would be both cheaper to run and maintain.

    The Honda is a higher quality product over the Duke.
  16. "Higher quality product"

    I'm sure we could debate that.
  17. Check out http://cycle-ergo.com/ to see which bike best suits your height and lean preference. I'm a motard fan because I love their agility in town, so would definitely go for the Duke 390. You'll struggle with the seat height of a DRZ400SM though.

    I wouldn't get a LAMs bike if you don't need one. You may find non-LAMs 600cc options cheaper.

    Obviously it's a subjective choice. I like the CB400's classic looks but it was a bit heavy and 'traditional' looking for my taste - each to their own.