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Honda CB250F Hornet Project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Rolkus, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. New bike thread!

    So I've got quite a few things planned for this bike! I've never had the passion to modify anything until now, so small insignificant things like changing the globes to LED's is pretty major for me! I've a few things planned for the bike with quite a few parts on their way... Anyhow let it begin!

    Swapping Light Globes for LED's in instruments
    So I got the bike Wednesday, rode it up and down the street a few times and then took it home and instantly took off the headlight and back instrument cover.


    I found the bugger that wasn't working...


    And eventually got him out... Turns out, you just pull them!


    So I had to wait until morning, and took out all the globes, went to Jaycar and got LED's. They're now clear as day!

  2. Paining Side Panels
    So the side panels are a little damaged...


    Nothing overly major, but still wanted them looking a bit better. So I got some metholated spirits and cleaned them up nice and well...


    Using a MATTE BLACK can of spray paint, purchased for less than $5 from Supercheap Auto, I painted over the panels. A total of three coats were applied.


    Put them back on today, and this is what they look like...



    There are a few deep scratches on the panels themselves, but I think they look 100% better than the grey that was on there previously.
  3. Panels look good!

    Was that my suggestion?

  4. +1 Nice job on the panels!
    Have you tested the indicators after changing the indicator dash light out for LED?
  5. @jap Yeah panels came up good. I got the idea when you said you were going to paint them, then I saw one with matte black and was blown away by em.

    @Kernel - Cheers man, yeah I tested the indicator, that's the orange one lit up, but only does it for the left indicator for some reason. Might have a look at that when I get some spare time.

    @hornet - Yeah I stumbled upon that thread, I have searched for "hornet" on the forums, but comes up with this bald guy making comments ;)

    I plan to sand back the panels again, as there are a few scratches I could probably get out, but I just need more time, so probably this Sunday & Monday, when my other parts arrive.

    PS: hornet, are the PIPES actually chrome like they are in the pictures of that hornet?
  6. yes, but they are the result of the bike being in pretty good nick to start with, and hours and hours of hand polishing with wet-and-dry and steel wool

    she's nothing if not presistent, is our Edgelett :LOL:
  7. So they should be like that one mine if I put.. what's that word... effort into it?
  8. er, yes

    here's a picture of mine from a few years ago, as you can see I haven't, er, put the effort into it

    Really clean Hornet 3.
  9. Whats the best stuff to use to get it to shine!? ;)
  10. I'm pretty sure if you read the early part of Tash's thread she gives the gory details of the process, I recollect she used fine steel wool....
  11. Going to start on polishing the pipes, probably this Sunday. Picked up some Autosol and will get some steel wool.

    Do you still have ya Hornet, hornet?
  12. yep, sure do

    I bought it in March 2005 with 54,000 kms on the clock and now it has 158,000 kms on the clock

    even if I buy another bike at some time in the future, I'll probably keep the Hornet.
  13. Send a PM to toadcat, he did mine before i bought it, i think he used silvo or some other kind of metal polish but im sure he will happily give you a run down on the process. you can polish the muffler as well but it doenst come out as chromy.
  14. Started on cleaning the exhaust pipes, for about two hours, will post some pictures tomorrow night, but you bet they're silver. Alot of work, I tells ya.
  15. Cleaning the exhaust pipes.

    This here is how I was working - using a light I use for filming and photography.

    After I went through a pack of Staino steel wool. I found it to be the best, dipping it into the water, it had a green powder substance that helped against the black crap. Does take alot of elbow grease though.

    As far as I got, starting at about 8:30pm going till about 10:30pm. Still quite a bit to do!

    Bike is currently getting it's carby's tuned and a service, so its out of my hands until Thurs-Fri.

    I miss it already.

    [EDIT: Also found it hard to clean the welds... Any advice from anyone?]
  16. NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo don't use steel wool, it takes off the top bit and causes it to rust :( . It also leaves these fine fine scratches which dull the finish

    Just use a rag and LOTS OF ELBOW GREASE and autosol. I had a broken ankle at the time so I had a lot of spare time to polish the headers, to do it properly will take a while.
  17. Got the bike back from the mechanic's - they tuned the carby's, serviced it and fixed a fuel mixture. Running like a dream. Looking forward to getting into sanding back the panels and painting them again, as well as getting back on the pipes!
  18. I've repainted the sides after sanding them down, don't really see the point in posting pictures, as they're essentially the same. One thing I've noticed, is Matte is very easy to scuff!

    Still waiting on a few parts before I do more to it.