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Honda CB250F Hornet oil filter part number

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by hornet250, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. Hello,

    Do any of you fellow Hornet 250 riders know the correct part number of the Hornet 250 oil filter (either aftermarket or genuine, preferably genuine), and where the best place to order one from is? Some say that the part number 15410-KEA-305 is the way to go, but I haven't been able to find anything official to confirm that, has anybody used that part number successfully?

  2. If the images are accurate to oldcorollas first link the part number is spot on. To my knowledge the hornets were all grey imports so it might not be very easy to get accurate part numbers from dealers. Go to your local Honda dealer and they should be able to give you a '99-'07 VTR250 oil filter set (15410-KEA-305 as you have noted down) if they want to be picky. Might need a new sump bolt crush washer too, they should have stock for $1 or so.

    That part number contains two o-rings and a HF-111 oil filter. You can buy the filter separately elsewhere ~$10ea, a number of brands bake them. The dealer will charge $15-$20 for the OEM part with the o-rings (these don't need changing every service, only if they leak or look physically damaged. Be sure to oil them well before installation).
  3. there are some other maker numbers in those links you can cross-reference
    Excel BGO-512
    Vesrah SF-1002
    Kijima 105-503
    Daytona 67931

    46mm high, and 69mm diameter
  4. Brilliant, much appreciated!
  5. Let me know if you want the parts fische and I will email it to you.
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  6. That would be much appreciated jack, it is time consuming googling for each individual part number.