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Honda CB250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Wanderer, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. Hi all,

    OK - have narrowed down my search for a bike to potentially a CB250 (though the dealer is still trying to push me into the VTR). Any thoughts on this bike, bad points, etc? For the first bike I just want a basic "commuter" that will see me OK on the Monash and to and from work. The Virago and the others I tried just didn't feel right (but I might try the Virago again).

    I have seen some posts about getting 250s to freeway speeds, and also wanted to know if anyone had issues with this model or any other issues running it at that speed? This is not a glamorous bike but just felt right out of the 250s I tried.

    Any thoughts appreciated. :)
  2. My opinion based on readings and one 30 minute ride of the cb250 that it is just a reliable basic bike. It goes, it stops, and will keep up with traffic. (and I think bond girl will likely agree with that).

    It isn't anything more, nor less. I have never read a negative thing on the cb250. Sure it won't 'thrill' you like a 2 stroke 250 would, but it certainly won't dissapoint.
  3. have you tried the hysong aquillia
    it is a 250 cruiser , a lot more gruntier than the virargo
    a lot bigger in size , will cope easily with big person on it
    and as you get more confident and want to get out on the hills or freeway will cope with it easily.
  4. Hi Wanderer,

    I agree with Bos but would also add that the CB250 is a pretty agile bike (particularly in regard to city stuff) I spent more than 30 minutes on one but have to confess that I never took it to any great speed. I am looking at one tonight with my housemate who has now caught the bug and decided to get a bike. Might let you know my thoughts on the speed thing tomorrow (optimism going into overdrive here)
  5. I did my first day of Q ride on a CB250. Very light, very agile, but not suitable for a larger person as it will run out of puff at the slightest hill.
    Extremely easy to ride though.
  6. Hi again,

    Took a CB250 out for a spin last night. Generally, handling and so forth was good - much as I remembered from my learners. Unfortunately I was nowhere near a highway so I couldn't take it over 60kph. At 60 it had a lot of space left on the tacho and wasn't feeling asthmatic but the true test is the actual ride to 100 and beyond. The owner said that he rode it at 110 on the Hume with a pillion and it was OK. I am inclined to believe him but it probably took a while to get up that speed.
  7. NKB573 - did you feel that this was an issue yesterday? (Not implying you are large or anything :D )
  8. Hi Wanderer,

    I weigh about 95kg and stand just shy of 6 foot so I guess I fit into the 'large' category. I would have liked to have tried some hills but unfortunately there weren't any handy. The bike did accelerate a little slowly (compared to my Spada which has something like 25% more power) so hills might be an issue but probably not a huge one. I am sure it'll get over them but you might want a different bike if you have time trials in mind :D
  9. The wife and a friend rode a CB250 for a while (about 6 mths each?) - in fact it was the same CB250 :) Exactly as boz says, it's a basic and very reliable bike. It won't thrill you after about 2 months, but nor will it make you nervous or scared the first time you get on it. If it's a commute that your primarily after at this time, the CB250 is a great bike. 100's of postie couriers use them too.
  10. You bet I will! Sure there are other bikes with more grunt but heavier price tags also! I'm 5'10" tall although only 65 kgs he suits my height perfectly! I serviced him myself this week with guidance from Mike & Roderz & it was dead easy! I get 300km's to a tank plus about 40km's still in reserve. He handles beautifully & compensates well for the crummy rider on his back!

    MTA have CB 250's as part of their fleet give them a call you may be able to test ride one on their range!

  11. Bond did run out legs on the way to Winton on a couple of the larger hills but a kick down was all that was needed!
  12. I've been riding a CB250 for about 8 months, as everyone has said easy to ride and reliable. I'm 6' 1" and 90kg's, and don't have much of a problem except into a stiff breeze or a reasonable hill where it will struggle to hold 100km/h, but if I hunker down over the bars the wind is less of an issue. A good honest bike that you won't become too attached to when time comes to upgrade!
  13. Who says you won't become too attached to it?????????
  14. BondChick, I've been planning my CB's replacement for 6 months now!!!
  15. Now to add confusion to the debate.
    I have ridden a CB250 for quite a while but own a VTR 250, it has a lot more power and is a very very very good bike to ride. It is very agile and has a lot of torque in the midrange compared to say a GPX. It is an excellent bike and with a roo pipe it sounds sweet.
  16. No confusion :) When comparing bike for bike, I don't think anyone will argue that the VTR isn't the better bike.

    Throw in other conditions though such as $$'s, riding style and use, resale value, etc. and that is where the person needs to consider they're options.
  17. Well I love my bike but I'm thinking I should have driven the car to work today! Damn sunshine & blue skies when I left Cranny this morning then on the fwy it all went pear shaped weather wise!
  18. i wouldn't get a CB, they're just too underpowered. i only feel safe on a bike that has enough power to keep up with all traffic, and has a bit to spare even on the freeway.

    i actually rode a ZZR250, which was more powerful and nicer to ride then the CB... i would've liked a VTR though
  19. horses for courses I luv my bike!
  20. Bond Girl... yeh, but i'm a fat chauvinistic pig :p