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Honda CB250

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  1. Siilk submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Honda CB250

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  2. Nice looking bike you have there, here's to many more an adventure with your trusty companion! :)
  3. Nice one. I remember my first bike -back in the 90s- was a CM250. Was a CB except different seat, in black and side covers that stated custom 250. Yep it had its quirks too. But fantastic little bike to learn the ropes on and build memories.

    Enjoy it!
  4. My first bike was a CB250, was a little trooper. Ultimately though, my riding skill improved and the clutch plates wore out so I decided it was time to move on. :'(
  5. I started on a CB250 too.

    Six months & 5000k's worth of great memories. What a fantastic way to learn... She's akin to an experienced older woman. Knowledgeable, yet patient and kind.

    Now she's teaching the next newbie.
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  7. Nice, looking at the same thing for my first bike.
  8. Great bikes, bulletproof and very forgiving. I have a black 2005 cb250. She's been good to me, only has 4500kms..looking at upgrading to a cb500x soon.
  9. Very nice