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Honda CB250

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by lores dahlias, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Hi there! I'm new to netrider, and new to riding!

    Recently bought a Honda CB250 to replace my postie bike which was stole (and only one week after passing my L's)!

    My postie had a chain and padlock, which was cut off with bolt cutters when my bike was stolen :-({|=

    So, I'm not taking any chances with my new baby, and would LOVE some advice on a fairly fool and thief proof locking system!

    <3 Lores

  2. OOh, and I obviously don't know how to use the emoticon thingos!
  3. Unfortunately theres no such thing. Best you'll do is a kryptonite. But everyone has a different opinion on which works best. The best way to stop it getting stolen is to park smart.
  4. I designed a bike alarm while at Uni. It works like a normal bike alarm with tilt switches etc., but doesn't feature a siren.

    Instead, it detects when the bike is stolen, then waits until the bike is doing 100km/h and leaned over by more than 20 degrees ... then uses a solenoid to pop a metal rod through the front disc =D&gt;

    Sadly such a device wouldn't be legal :(
  5. Firstly howdy and welcome to the forums.
    Unfortunately if some lowlife really wants to take the bike they will no matter how well you try to prevent it.
    If I had my way I would have tracking device on the bike so I could hunt the bugger down restrain them and then use a series of hammers to crush their bones from the extremities back to their core however I cant see that happening ever either.
    Anyway am sure you will find some interesting ideas on here to help deter it happening again.
  6. Welcome, Sorry to hear - everyone loves postie bikes.
    Whether its parked inside or outside - if someone wants it - they will find a way to get it. My best advice is ensure that it has a immobiliser & alarm to start with as these will greatly increase the chance of it been left behind & maybe a titanium/heavy grade steel chain from frame to wheels ( 30-45mm thick min ).
    * If not, keep it next to the bedside - my wife does not like me trying this one.
  7. Hang on! I may have seen it! I saw some bloke in a bright yellow jacket riding one of those putting crap in my letterbox!!

    Seriously though, I NEVER thought anyone would steal a postie bike! I mean, it wouldn't exactly be a quick getaway and they're not rare enough to warrant them for parts?

    But if a postie bike isn't safe, then there's no hope for anything. As mentioned, if someone wants your bike, then they'll get it. All you can do is deter. Like chains, padlocks etc...like you already did!
  8. must be desperate times when postie bikes are stolen, sorry to hear it though. as per above, if some low life wants to steal a bike they will!! Park it out of site, disc lock or chain even but, as said, if they want it, they'll take it. Get insurance, if it goes, you get another one!!
  9. Welcome!
    I've owned both a postie and a CB250 - both were a lot of fun. What year is the CB?