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Honda CB250, how do you remove seat and plastic moulds???

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Sticky, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Please anyone reading this. I have been struggling for about an hour, and I can't find any way to get the seat and plastic side moulds off my bike.

    It's a 1993 Honda CB250. I have now owned the thing for at least 2.5 years and do the services on it myself. Only major work gets done by a mechanic.

    I can get the side plastic moulds unattached, but because they are screwed to the back plastic I cant get that off because the screws are under the seat... and obviously I can't get the seat off. I can't even get the seat near off because I don't know what to undo, and where to undo it.
    Have previously been to a wrecker and seen the underside of a seat, there was 2 hooks and a screw at one end from what I remember.

    I figure its easy as pie, but for some reason complicated and assume that a mechanic would have to remove this to work on the bike easily.

    Also I want to remove the seat to get it recovered as the vinyl has cracked and split.

    Many thanks
  2. Not sure about the CB250 but with most bikes the seat is held on with a keyed lock. Try having a look along the lower edge of the seat for anything that the ignition key would fit into.
    Removing the seat is a fairly routine thing, it's usually the only way to get at things like the battery and often there's storage and/or a toolkit under there. Certainly not something you should need a mechanic for.
  3. jd i actually read another thread where you mentioned this and have tried it.... no luck though.
    i cant seem to find any latch or anything to pull down and release the seat

    from what i can tell there is a bolt or screw at the rear of the seat holding it down, and once the is undone and slid back the front releases.

    this should be a really easy thing which is why its annoying. as you have mentioned to get the the battery and easy access to other parts you need to remove the seat.
  4. :shock: Better memory than me, I don't remember mentioning it before.

    Anyways, parts fiche to the rescue:
    That's supposedly the rear seat from a CB250 - complete with keyed lock holding it on.
  5. I can sympathise.

    When I first got the R, sans handbook of course, it took me two days to work out how to get the seat off :oops: . Couldn't find anything resembling a catch, and on the RT there are no convenient "edges". It's all smooth plastic.

    Eventually, I found this little keyhole tucked away under the tail light, bloody miles from anything seat related. Nice one BMW :evil: .
  6. Is it a CB 250 the naked one or a CB 250RR with fairings?
  7. The seat comes off the CB250 easily. There is a lock on the left hand side under the seat. Unlock it with the ignition key and pull down on the lever behind the lock. The seat should then pop up. The plastics can then be removed by poping the plugs out and undoing a couple of bolts. I think there's only the two bolts at the rear of the bike (but it's been a while since I owned a CB250). :)

    That would be a CBR250RR, which is a totally different bike in all respects.
  8. As Seany said above. Except it doesn't quite pop up. You need to slide it a bit to the rear first.

    Putting it back on you place it in position and then press down and slight to the front till the clips engage.

    Once the seat is off the side cover screws are exposed. From memory they only have one or two screws at the back and the a couple of press fit clips on the front.

    This is from memory but if you have any problem PM me and I will go outside and have a better look.
  9. The sad part of this story is that if I remember correctly, the instructions for seat removal are in the users manual which is conveniently located under the seat. :? :LOL:

    Actually, there's a fair bit of space under the seat. I used to keep the manual there along with a couple of spare spark plugs, rag, neck warmer and sunnies. Very handy. :)